Tuesday, December 09, 2014

december daily - day four

Hello dearies,
Have you ever had a page that should have taken you 10 minutes but ended up taking three days? That's what happened with this page. I moved things around, sat and looked at it and felt uninspired for literally three days. Now here we are at the finished product, a simple little page and I'm happy with it.

Here's day four which finally came together today...
The journaling pulls out and I must say, I love this list. This list is so me...
Here's how it looks in the album and I think it makes a happy page next to the plainer one from day 3.
Now! I have about 30 minutes of daylight left before I have to get dressed for a party so I'm going to start on Day 5 and hope it's an easier process. It's a big beautiful photo of my beautiful girl from a photo shoot so it should be easy!

Be back soon! How's your December Daily going?

Friday, December 05, 2014

december daily - day two and three

Dear, dear blog friends,

I guess you've noticed, I fell off the December Daily wagon. It was not on purpose, I assure you. Life just got in the way! I've worked harder than I've ever worked in my life this last week and just could not fit one more thing in.

So tonight I sat down and did Day Two and Day Three just because I want to share and I want to catch up.

I've been loving what Ali is doing and I'm loving that it's very simple. I think I have greatly overcomplicated this in the past and that's why I couldn't get it done!! So this year, simple is my mantra. (Speaking of simple, have you seen Cathy Zielske's December Daily yet? Love!!! So simple and so her and it just speaks to me.)

Okay, so here's Day Two - Tuesday:

(Click to enlarge and read journaling.)

And because I like to see how things are shaping up in other people's albums, here it is in the album. 
Now if you'll remember my sketches, I had that skinny page planned and I loved it that Ali just happened to do something similar on one of her days this week. My skinny page is 3.5 x 8. The reason is, I used Project Life type cards on the top and bottom that are 3x4 and then when I got ready to do the holes, it bothered me that they would cut into the design. So I mounted them onto a piece of white Scenic Route patterned paper with lines, because let's face it, I'm never gonna write on those lines. (Am I right??!) Then I covered the side with some washi tape that I think looks like a sweater so it's perfect! I found some old, old, old KI Memories circle die cuts in my black bin of embellies and used that with an American Crafts silver sticker.

The journaling's really just a rundown of what we did that day and I feel like I captured the emotion of the day which is what I'm going for in this album.

Now on to Day Three - Wednesday:

Disclaimer: I work in the office one day a week and it's this day, Wednesday. So not much happened other than me sitting at my computer but Caroline's Daddy had a gig so he dropped her at the church and we went to an early dinner at the new Culver's in our town which is a big deal for us 'cause we love it!!

So I knew I was going to use the back of that skinny piece and I could have added a second piece of journaling but what is there to say other than we ate there and show the pics, right? So keeping it simple - I went with this! I may add something later but for now, I'm good with it. 
Pics are from my phone. Top picture I printed at 4x6 and cut a 1/2 inch off the left side. Bottom pics are 1.75 x 1.75. That left me with the perfect amount of room for a strip of words. 

The page across from this is going to be an enlargement of my Living Room decorated and under it I'm going to have something vintage and Christmasey so I felt like I could keep this one simple and it still look okay in the album and oh mylanta, I love my little tree peeking out from behind it!
By the way, that white circle is also an older than dirt KI Memories die cut that perfectly matched the one on the opposite side which made my life easier. :) Sticker number is by Simple Stories. 

Writing out my journaling on a pad I keep by my bed has been very helpful!! I was able to quickly type the Day 2 journaling by looking at what I had written (in my practically illegible "I'm scribbling this at 2 am" writing). 
I've decided that I can't really do more than two days of this at a time and keep it fresh and genuine so tomorrow I'm going to an event at Jenni Bowlin's house (yay!) and then I'm going to do Day Four and Five and then Sunday I'll do Day Six. I really will! Sunday's my day to scrapbook! 

Yesterday's will be easy 'cause it's just a pic of my Living Room with some decoration and today's is a huge picture of Caroline from our Christmas photo shoot. I had planned to be in a picture today and it rained all day (monsoonly!) and my hair was a bush!! So I will get one tomorrow when I'm cute and with my girlfriends. 

I can do this! Are you doing this? Leave me a comment and let me know if you are so I can check you out! See you back here tomorrow night with two more pages!

PS: In case you missed it, here's a link to Day One

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

here's the plan stan

Hello blog friends!

Well, I didn't get my Day 2 page done yet because I've been decorating like a fiend but I wanted to share some of my plans for my December Daily. I should have shared this Sunday but I didn't have my thoughts or my ducks in a row.

First of all, I've decided something really important that I need you to know. This is a revelation I had. Are you ready? Here it is...

Even if you can't do that day's page for your December Daily, it's important that before you go to sleep, you journal about your day. "In the moment journaling" will make a huge difference in how your DD feels and how you feel reading it in the future.

I had this revelation last night. I felt bad that I hadn't made my page but I grabbed a pad of paper and while all the emotions of the first day of December were swirling through me, I sat and wrote and wrote until I felt like I had captured my true thoughts from the day. I read through it and thought, "There is no way I would have written these words tomorrow." That is because tomorrow I will have tomorrow's perspective on today. Today I have a different view of today. Mostly, today I remember the details and emotion more than I will tomorrow. Tomorrow I will look back on today and just see the big picture. I will remember the highlights.

This has been so thought provoking for me that I may challenge myself to journal daily in 2015. It could really revitalize my scrapbooking process.

Now on to my plan Stan! First up, the album. It's a red and white polka dot album by Project Life. 6x8. I've gathered all my supplies in this basket that just so handily happens to have been sitting out since last Christmas because I lied to myself all year that I might finish up my 2013 album. I have both of the albums here because if I get on a roll with this year's, I might attempt to simultaneously do 2013's. We'll see.

Since I already had my materials gathered, I just looked through the selection to find papers that I feel fit with this album. Since the polka dots are white, I went with mostly white papers. This is by no means all my Christmas stash so I might dig into my remaining papers along the way.
As I look these over, I see a recurring theme of black and white and red with a touch of green which sounds great to me! I plan to use lots and lots of vintage Santa images as I did on the first day. I just love the warm fuzzies Santa gives me.

Speaking of....I bought this pad of paper at Hobby Lobby.
All Christmas is 50% off so this pack of 60 sheets of paper was $6.50. Now normally I wouldn't be super excited about Paper Studio paper because it's thin but I love, love, love this piece!!
I plan to just use that entire page (cut down) in my album as a filler page with some type of label and words somewhere.

I started the album by pulling out some Snap album dividers that I have loads of. I thought they would give it some interest. So on the first page for an opener, I printed this calendar from my friend, Marie Lottermoser.  (If you love December Daily, you MUST visit her blog. She rocks it!)
I went ahead and filled in some of the things we already have planned but I've already revised this several times and changed the font so I'll be replacing this one soon. I want to add as many details as possible. I think it will be fun to look back on later.

Because I had a few events planned, I decided to go ahead and sketch out my entire album, especially for the days I have plans. I do plan to make a few of these pages ahead of time but knowing I have a sketch to guide me makes me feel less of a need to pre-make the pages.

Here are my sketches. You can see, I've already switched up Day 1 and 2. I had planned to do a collage on Day 2 and a big picture of my tree on Day 1 but the tree didn't get done so I switched them around. Day 2 will have an enlarged photo of my little den tree I finished decorating Tuesday night. We're not going to the movie I had planned for today but we'll do something else fun that I will take a pic of and I'll use the same idea of a skinny 4x8 page beside an enlargement.
Day 4 is a note to have Caroline take a picture of me wrapping gifts because I never have enough photos of myself in DD and wrapping is something I love. Day 5 I'm going to copy a page I love of Marie's DD from a few years ago. We're going to take Christmas card pics that day so I know I'll have one good enough to enlarge. Day 6 I'm going to Jenni Bowlin's house so I'm planning several horizontal pictures on the page and I might include a second one if needed.

Day 7 is the Hendersonville Christmas parade so I made it go front and back of a page protector. I'm staying away from lots of page protectors. I prefer the album without them but I am throwing a few in for interest.

Here's the next few days...
Day 8 is going to be a square page for interest about White Christmas and the songs in it I love (I sing them all to Caroline at night). Day 9 is a party so I'm journaling on the square and then adding a page protector full of pics. Day 10 I will focus on me at work. Between 10 and 11 I'm planning a filler page with a quote and then 11 and 12 will be all about a toy giveaway I'm in charge of every year. I'm planning to have little 2x2 square pics all along the bottom of a panoramic shot of all the toys that spans two pages. Day 13 we're taping the show so I want to get pictures of Tiffany and me but I have no design or plan for the page. I'll have to see how the pics come out and decide.

Sunday the 14th I'll go Christmas shopping while Caroline is at home with Mike and I'll get her stocking stuffers and surprises (I've already gotten everything else for her!) and I thought I could take pics of lots of things I love in the stores.

Day 15 I was going to do a collage of the faces of my favorite Rankin Bass characters but that seems too similar to my Day 1 page now so I'll plan something else that day. Maybe use a 2x2 square pocket page and just put a few faces and fill the rest with patterns or I could do an enlargement of one of the characters or shows (I'm obsessed with Rankin Bass). Day 16 I have no plan so I thought about devoting that to Mike and Caroline but I'm keeping an open mind. I leave him out of this too often! Day 17 and 18 are undecided. Day 19 I'm having dinner with friends so I picked a pocket page. 20, 21 and 22 are undecided but as people's pages inspire me, I plan to copy some of their ideas. I'm loving looking through the links on Ali's blog!

 The last few days I'm leaving open and will sketch in some more details as time progresses. It doesn't worry me that I only have through day 16 or so sketched out. I love sketching layouts and look forward to coming up with more ideas. As long as I have a plan for the next couple of days, I can get the page done quickly when the time comes.

Well if you've read all this, I applaud you! LOL That was more info than you wanted to know, I'm sure!

One last note...I am printing at home on my Canon Pixma printer, using Platinum Pro Canon paper. I made my page 6.5 x 8 because 6x8 seemed small for the album when comparing it to the protectors I'll be using later in the album. I had to print the picture four times today. I couldn't make it print to the right size in Picasa so I wasted a sheet on that, then I over lightened it because Picasa printed dark, then turns out, printing from Word was a better print than Picasa and it came out just like my screen but then I obsessed and wanted to lighten it a tad so by the fourth try, it was perfect! I hate that I did that and wasted all that ink but oh well. I learned exactly the settings I will use now. I will print from Word from now on! I cringed putting these in the trash!

I'll be back Thursday at some point with Day 2 and 3. Thanks for stopping by! If you're doing December Daily and blogging about it, please leave me a comment so I can check it out!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

december daily - day one

Here we go...a little late in the day but I still did it! I spent way too much time working on this instead of finishing up my decorating so now I'll be up late tonight but oh well. I work 12 hours on Wednesday so I'll post Day 2 and Day 3 sometime Thursday.

I'll also be sharing about my album and plan later this week. Here's Day One...click image to enlarge.

Journaling says...

"Hello December! I have been greatly anticipating your arrival. After all, you are my favorite month of the year! I am looking forward to all December holds for our little family of three. I already feel so much joy. Today, Caroline and I wore smiles for no reason. In the car, running errands, we grinned as we drove along. There was an undercurrent of joy riding with us. We have both caught the Christmas spirit. Christmas carols play in the car and the stores and it makes me feel peaceful and happy. While shopping, Caroline said, “It’s the first day of Christmas!”  I felt peace. I felt thankful. Tonight, we got the trees and decorations out and I got about half of the decorating done…pretty much everything except the ornaments on the trees. My favorite part of unwrapping everything is seeing all the little faces of the snowmen, nutcrackers and Santas. All their happy faces reflect mine and my baby girl’s. So much joy. We are so blessed to live this life and we are going to savor this season. Bring on the happy, December! We’re ready!"

Here it is in the album...

I have picked through one million tiny items and kept telling myself, "Keep it simple!" That's going to have to be my mantra if I'm going to get it done. I'm hearing Ali's voice in my head. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy December! 

Monday, December 01, 2014

christmas village

Hello blog dearies!

I'm so happy that today is December 1st! I am really in the Christmas spirit and excited to see what the month will bring.

This week's Scrap Gals podcast is all about Christmas crafting. Tiffany and I discuss a show we visited called "Christmas Village" and I have a boatload of photos to share from it! Do you want to see all the lovelies we saw? I hope so 'cause here we go!

First up, we both bought a monogrammed letter and I love how they have glittered this one! I spent about $20 at Michael's this weekend getting stuff to make a wreath with mine. Will post that later this week.
The booth had tons of gorgeous wreaths and they were all SOLD! Here's a pic I snapped of one a lady was paying for.
Monogrammed everything was everywhere which reminds me of these stamps I saw at Hobby Lobby. I've been coveting them for a while. These are so fun! They come in two sizes so you can stamp your monogram onto anything!
Caroline loved this booth with original drawings and prints. The artist is awesome and I was fascinated by her art!
We saw loads of delightful ornaments, including this one. They sold for $12 each.
Later that day, we went to Hobby Lobby to see what we could make like this and found these for way cheaper! They came in loads of shapes for $1.47 each and they were 40% off that price so 88 cents!!
Also found these paper mache ones which on sale, were $1.19 each. Gotta go get some of these today before they're all gone! Wondering why I didn't!
Another great idea we saw was this Little Golden Book journal. If I had a Bind it All or Cinch, I would totally make one of these today! The booth had loads of vintage Little Golden Books in every topic. I really liked this one. Sorry for the blurry photo - I was sneaking a pic!

My daughter wanted a journal but I convinced her we could make one. Now I have to.

In the same booth, there was amazing jewelry that I totally want to make now. Love these pendants!

The pendants at the show were $15 each so Tiff and I looked for something similar we could make ourselves at Hobby Lobby. We found these..

We both bought a kit like this a few weeks ago so I plan to make these using vintage Santa images. You can find tons of those for free online! Just Google "vintage Santa" and go to Images.
We paid $2.08 for this pendant kit (with a coupon) so that's $1.04 per pendant. Much better than $15 or $12.50 like these, which is the size we have...
 Love these mod-podged bracelets but they were $30! I know we could find the blank bracelets somewhere to make these. This seems like a really fun project...
Hobby Lobby has a kit for this bracelet too. I don't remember how much - maybe $6? I showed this picture to my friend who was working a booth and she ran over and grabbed the Alabama one. I think they were only $12 which I thought was very reasonable.
We saw lots of stamped jewelry like this. Tiff and I both had sets of metal stamps but I sold mine. Regret, regret! She plans to try something like this soon.
There was lots of glitter everywhere and I love these initials to add to gifts or stockings. I'm very tempted to make these for our stockings! Love! 
Here we are, after several hours of shopping, quite exhausted but happy. I snagged this incredible Santa at a booth selling smocked girl's dresses! It was only $40! I always see other people carrying out something fabulous like this and I was so happy to be the one carrying it out and getting many admiring glances. :)
Here he is in my house...
I'm still deciding on the perfect place for him this Christmas. He's about 3' tall! Yay!

I also snagged this fun dry erase board at Hobby Lobby. I've been having fun changing the message on it.
Well there you go....lots of pictures and ideas for Christmas crafting. Are you making anything this Christmas? I'd love to hear all about it!

Be back tomorrow with my first page of my December Daily!

Friday, November 21, 2014

a few more cards...

Hello dearies!
How has your week been? I hope you're gearing up for the holidays like we are. 
Today, I took down my fall decorations and I'm cleaning like a madwoman after being sick for a few days.
Isn't it amazing how quickly everything can get behind?

Here are a few more cards I don't believe I've ever shared.
Very simple and easy to make.

This one uses a white scalloped card base I got in a pack at Michael's. It was $1 for 6 cards/envelopes.
The scalloped edge always makes it a little trickier to design a card around so I decided to have some pattern peeking out from behind it.
Those are just squares of patterned paper from my scrap bowl.
I embossed the tree using my Cricut and an embossing folder. I added a punched star and a little bit of twine for interest. 

Next up is a card using a cute Santa stamp I had. I stamped the image onto red cardstock and punched it into a circle.
I stamped "Merry Christmas to You" using a favorite Christmas stamp set.
This is a great design to make in multiples and you could even vary the stamp and the pattern if you didn't have a lot of the same paper.
This card is made on a kraft card base.

Lastly, here's a simple stamp using a large stocking stamp I love...

This was made on a cream card base but I added another piece of cream to give it weight.
On to that piece of cream, I layered a green gingham, a red strip and then stamped the image twice.
Once in red and once in green. I cut out and layered the green piece on top of the red.
Then I added the "Let's Be Merry" which is also stamped.

You can see the stamp behind the green here...
I did that part first before assembling the card, just in case it didn't come out great - I could move on and try again!

I always use Ranger Archival ink when stamping in black. 
It consistently stamps in a very dark black and dries quickly. I need to invest in the same ink in all the colors they make but I only stamp a lot when I get on a card making kick so I just never have bought them all. 

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these holiday cards! Thanks for stoppin' by!