Friday, January 30, 2015

vintage valentines

Hello dearies!

Check out my vintage valentine collection which is being featured today on the fabulous Jenni Bowlin's blog! Click here to read all about it.

I am almost done with my January spread in my planner. Been working a little at a time this week while I've been sick and I should have it ready to post Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

to-do's or not to-do's?

(actor portrayal of me sick -- not actually me)

I've been sick for four days. I keep thinking every day I'll wake up well but every day I'm the same. I thought it was strep but it's just a sinus infection that has gotten me good this time.

If I'm being totally honest, I will admit that I bring these things upon myself by not sleeping enough and letting myself be stressed too often. I do good not letting the world see I'm stressed but I have a lot of internal stress. I lie awake going over my to-do list and some of it is comprised of things that only I would know if they never got done. Late at night, I mentally tick off my to-do list and wonder how I'll ever accomplish it all.

Last Friday, after a glorious morning of sleeping in, I was pouring myself a glass of juice when I asked myself, "Would I enjoy life more if nothing were waiting to be done?"

I stood and pondered that for a while and considered the alternative. To-do's or not to-do's? In other words, what would my life look like without a long list of to-do's?

There would still be laundry and dishes, of course, but then what would I do with the rest of the day? If I didn't have a job, I couldn't go anywhere, buy anything, eat out or have fun so that would mean days of staying home which would lead to a lot of TV watching and I do enough of that already. There would likely be more time spent with my daughter, playing games, walking on the could be a lovely life, but at the end of the day, what would I have truly accomplished that made me feel alive?

Somewhere deep inside me there is a need to feel like I'm really doing something with my life. I want to inspire people, make people laugh, create beautiful things, build a life that I'm proud of and happy with....I want vibrance. Just existing and living the same life every day isn't enough for me. I want to make something of my life. Sometimes I wish I didn't. Like now, when I'm sick and the laundry is piling up, the floors are full of crumbs, my e-mail inbox is full of people waiting for a response, there are projects to make, pictures to take, places to go, packages to mail, and more. I just tell myself, "You will be well soon and it will all be okay." You know why? Because quitting is not an option for me.

2015 is going to be the year I become fully in control of my income and make my life about accomplishing my goals, not just talking about them. I want to live up to my full potential. Right now, I'm trying to make too many people happy and it's making me unhappy. It will take time but I will get there and be completely in charge of my day and my life: I have big plans. I feel a sense of urgency this year, like "it's now or never."

Every moment I'm too sick to get off the couch is just making me want to be better so I can attack the day and make it happen. I'm trying to learn something from four days of being too sick to move. What can I learn? What can I learn? (I'm asking myself this. I normally ask my husband these questions and this is where he gives me a big "you are super talented, you can do this" pep talk that keeps me going for another few months.)

I think the big lesson might be that if I could choose to sit around and do nothing all day, I would not choose it. I've been forced to this week and I haven't liked it so the next time I find myself wishing I could sit around and do nothing, I need to think back to this time when I had no choice and realize that life is best lived when I'm being productive. I am my happiest ticking off a to-do list.

Now if I could just find a way to chug along and be content knowing that my to-do list will likely never be done and not let it stress me internally. If I can do that, I'll be truly successful this year and for always. I've been reading about focusing on the process instead of the end goal and I'll be sharing more about that when I feel I've made a shift in my thought process.

What about you...would you be happier with nothing to do?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

my memory planner

Hello dearie!

This week's Scrap Gals Podcast is so fun and it's all about Memory Planners. Have you caught the planner bug that has taken over so many of us? I had not until Tiffany bought me this incredible boxed kit for Christmas...a fantabulous gold mini-album with planner inserts from Heidi Swapp. I love it!
If you've listened to the show, you know my plan is to use post-it notes and jot down calendar items, then I intended to use my typewriter to actually document on the planner pages. 

Since the month is nearing its end, I sat down today to start working on making my January spread pretty. First, I tested (on another piece of paper) the little wooden stamps you can see in the photo above that are made to add the dates to the month. I could not get them in the place I wanted so I chose a slightly larger set that I own that is ironically by Heidi Swapp, as well. I laid out my blank pages and took a deep breath...
Then I mounted all of the numbers on all of the mounts I own and got out my favorite black ink which is Ranger Archival never fails me.
I started on the last day and worked my way back and I told myself that if I messed up, I would simply cover that day with pretty paper. Mess ups are inevitable when stamping...they just are.
I'm a pretty good, fair to middlin' stamper so it went okay and I breathed a sigh of relief when it was done but I was a little unhappy with how big the numbers were and how much space they take up. I will be looking for a smaller set of clear numbers this week. 
Next I hiked upstairs, grabbed my typewriter stashed in the back of the closet, found an extension cord and plugged it in. 

"What is that?" said Caroline. 
"What is that?" said Mike. 
"What do you think it is?" I said! 
"It sure is loud." said Caroline. 
"You'll live." I replied.

I told myself it can be messy, in fact, maybe try to make it messy. Don't fret, just type. After a few minutes pondering which size font to use, I went for the default since I would probably forget to change it every time.  
So I typed. And it was "blah." I knew I would be adding layers and making it pretty but the typewriter part just doesn't work for me. It's like it doesn't match the elegance of the planner. Also, as fate would have it, I ripped the January tab a bit taking it out of the machine. "This will never do!" I said and resigned myself that the typewriter part was a bad idea. 

Then I remembered my initial inspiration for doing this....this lovely planner page...
I am currently searching for the name of the person who created this for Somerset Life.

I decided it was okay that I didn't like the typewriting or the numbers, I could just cover each (or most) of the squares with pretty paper or a drawing, as I had originally intended. 

Then I faced another challenge. The size square I needed was not a typical size. The exact measurement is 1.625 x 1.3125. Uh-huh. Yep. How in the world would I measure that each time I wanted a square!? So I looked around for a hard piece of plastic to make a template and seeing none that was not needed, I decided to sacrifice my sheet from my Stampamajig considering I use it once a year and I'll be creating in my planner weekly. So I laid it atop a square and made a couple marks, then carefully cut it on my trimmer and voila...the perfect template!
My next quandary was that I would then need a variety of approximately 2" squares. The thought of cutting 2" of my favorite papers was a little hard to swallow but I looked to my drawer of paper anyway. Heaven knows I have plenty to spare! I found a piece with a variety of squares by Pebbles and it was the perfect color scheme. One square said "Hello" which immediately made me think of "Hello 2015" for January 1. I used my handy dandy template to cut it out and felt giddy when it fit perfectly. I didn't even use my trimmer - I cut it with scissors! That's really skating on the edge of life's abandon in my book. 
You'll notice I also stamped the number 1 on top of the square of paper. I'm not sure if I'll do that on every square but it seemed necessary for Day One.

I added some gold thickers and announced loudly, "Now we're cooking with grease!" to which Caroline, sitting in the same room with me, got a big laugh. 

"This is it!" my mind shouted! I will make every square its own lovely little picture. Wait...wasn't that my original idea anyway? Yes, I don't know when the idea of the typewriter hit me but at some point, the wires in my mind got crossed because this was what I was planning all along. 

Now I'm experimenting with adding photos. I really love how this looks and I think I'll add about 5 for the month. I'm experimenting with the best way to print them at the right size. These are from a collage I made of 2x2 pics but they were way too big and I ended up cutting too much off the image. 
Of course I would have gotten more done tonight but I had to edit the podcast and Downton Abbey came on so this was all I accomplished but I feel great about the direction it's headed! I'm going to work on it some more tomorrow and post another update. I can't wait to show you all the goodies I bought to use in it and the sample stamping I've done so check back soon and I'll have more to share. 

Now get off your tushy and go and be crafty or if you're reading this Sunday night, sleep already! :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

collections: idea books

Hello dearies!

I've been thinking all week about what page I could make for my new collections album I talked about in the show this week. My list of collections is so long, I wasn't sure where to start! I looked for my Pez dispensers and lo and behold, they are missing! This concerns me since we recently purged and organized every drawer and cabinet in the house.

I thought about making a page about my blue and white porcelain collection but the cabinet that houses the collection has six glass shelves that need cleaning before pictures can be taken and really, who wants to do that, right? :)

Next I thought about my Vera Bradley purse collection but I decided it would be cute if I did a little fashion show wearing a bunch of them with different outfits and had someone take a photo of me and that was not going to be done in one day or on a day like today when I was in my PJ's all day!

Then I thought about my Little Golden Books collection and came very close to making that page because I actually bought two this week! But the sheer volume of those overwhelmed me in terms of taking a picture. I want a picture of each of them!

See how I talk myself out of scrapbooking?

So today, I walked all over my house, pondering my collections, looking in cabinets, studying what I owned and what could be photographed and I stumbled on a collection that I forgot to mention in our show this week. It falls in the "scrapbooking collection" category. Technically I have loads of collections within my scrapbooking supplies: stamps, markers, patterned paper, cardstock, stickers, enamel feel me?

This collection is set apart from all those things because it is my inspiration - my idea books! Sadly, these are all out of print and I fear that books like this will never come again because the magazine behind my favorites, Simple Scrapbooks, is gone. I treasure them all the more now because of that!!

My page is really an ode to a bygone era...the era when Simple ruled and my heroes Cathy Zielske and Stacy Julian were speaking into our lives and encouraging us to tell our story.

First I pulled out my favorite books and took a shot of those and then one of them all together in the bin. As I worked on the page, I realized I had a LOT to say about these books but I had not left myself any room!
I decided to add a second page and make it 6" wide by 11" tall. I'll use a 6x12 page protector from Becky Higgins and simply trim 1" off the top!

I love how this looks!
White cardstock is really my go-to favorite and I just love how the pictures pop against it. I actually mixed textured and smooth on this. The left side, the foundation of the layout, is textured but the right side with journaling is smooth. I just hate the way journaling looks printed on textured cardstock so I decided to stop doing it and just mix them. If I'm okay with it, you can be too. :)

I journaled about this pull out page in Stacy Julian's book, "The Big Picture." It's still my favorite part of any idea book ever and I love the idea of those pockets in an idea book...
I used some very old Lil Davis vinyl letter stickers for the word "idea" and needed something that said "books" so I decided to check my stash of October Afternoon Public Library and found the perfect word sticker! Even the color was perfect. Yay!
I added a few more tidbits from OA and a couple stickers from a Simple Stories sheet and called it done!
Fun fact: the black and white gingham reminded me of Stacy Julian so I thought it was fitting on this page. She has a love for black and white gingham, especially ribbon.

This page came together very quickly for took just over an hour!! That might be a world record for me. :)

I hope you're having a lovely week! We're taping two new shows tomorrow and one of them is on memory planners so I'm sitting down now to start working on my January section. I have a lot of wonderful blog posts planned for next week to show you all what I'm doing. I'm pretty excited about it and I've bought some fun new products to work with!

Have a great weekend! Go and be crafty!

back up!

I have fourteen written goals for 2015. One of them is...
Back up photos.

I've been working on this steadily this month. Now I'm out of blank DVD's. Tonight, I spent about two hours and removed 10GB of pictures off my computer. I have 61GB left in "My Pictures." 

My computer says there's plenty of room on it (421GB of 581GB) but I notice is acting slower the more pictures I load. Also, it just worries me because currently I have 13,389 pictures on my computer. Some of those are images like printable scrapbook goodies I will be keeping on there but still, there's 13,000 images. At least 10,000 of that is photos and that's just wrong! I used to keep about 500 pictures on my computer. I don't know how it got out of hand.

I've burned my pictures to a DVD through mid-2013 so now I will buy more DVD's and finish 2013 and go ahead and do all of 2014. The time consuming part is culling through them and deleting all the duplicates and poor quality images. I've got to make myself do that more frequently because when you have to do photo triage on 10,000 photos, it's a daunting prospect!!

I know I should buy a backup hard drive. It's one of those things I need to buy but I never do. I think I saw one with 1 terabyte for $75 at Sam's which is hilariously cheap. 

Here's some bad news...I just realized I missed a few pictures from 2012 as I was scrolling through. Ugh. Gotta go back and burn those! It's a slow process, peeps.

So how do you backup your photos and how many do you think you have on your computer now?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

december daily - day 5

Hello dearies! How are you? I am enjoying the lovely weather we've had this week! Temps around 60 degrees make me want to go out and play, not stay inside and be crafty. Last night I worked on the mountain of mess on my desk while I listened to two episodes of "Elise Gets Crafty" which is by far my favorite podcast other than my own.

I'm still working on my December Daily and plan to until it's done. This holiday season was the busiest for us that I ever remember! Next year I plan to have a lot of days at home doing nothing so I can enjoy the sparkle of the trees and the smell of Christmas candles. (Has it already been almost one month since Christmas? It seems like it was just last week and I confess, the last of the Christmas boxes were just put away this weekend.)

I'm almost up to Day 7 in my December Daily...still putting some finishing touches on Day 6 which is super photo heavy but I realized I never shared Day 5. I was going along good on my album until I got to this day and it stumped me. I spent one week on it and by the time it was finished, I was super behind and the holidays were almost over so I guess I kind of gave up on trying to get it done by Christmas.

I knew I wanted to use this lovely picture of my daughter and make it big...
I printed it 5.5" wide x 8" tall and found this great chalkboard quote to go with it...
Left Page: 6.5" wide x 8" tall
Right Page: 6.5" wide x 8" tall (Photo 5.5" wide x 8" tall)

Then, so I could tell the story of the day, I made the right page pull open to reveal more pics inside...
Opened Page, Right Side: 12" wide x 8" tall - Score Mark 6.5" to Right

Here's a close up so you can see the journaling...
I was pleasantly surprised how well these pictures printed on my printer at home. I have a Canon Pixma printer and I used Platinum Pro paper and the pics came out brilliant and sharp although I am not a huge fan of the glossy finish. My adhesive sticks to it if there's a stray dab! I've since found a better option which I will be telling about in a review I'm writing soon.

Here's a close up of the embellishing....
Inspired by Ali's large gold numbers in the Studio Calico kit, I searched for something similar and found a package of wood veneer numbers at Hobby Lobby. I used a silver ink pad on this and then because the ink seemed like it wasn't going to dry, I covered it with Glossy Accents and I love how it turned out! In hindsight, the ink probably would have dried had I left it overnight, as I did with the Glossy Accents. :)
The best part about using the chipboard number is that it gave the page a natural lift so it's easy to see that you need to pull open the photo. I considered putting a pull tab of some kind on the page and I still might. I also may further embellish the chalkboard square on the first page a bit more. Sometimes I just move on and then go back when inspiration hits me!

After this day I was determined to make the process more simple so the next day I went with pocket pages and photo collages. I will share that soon.

Working on a page now about my collection of Little Golden books. Will share that later this week so check back!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

i love collecting

Hello dearies!

I haven't popped in here for over a month and that's just unacceptable so here we are, starting again. I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and are enjoying a great new year. I have a lot of great blog posts coming up soon...exciting things are happening in 2015!

This week, on The Scrap Gals Podcast, we are discussing collections. Do you collect little trinkets and treasures? I shared a long list in the show of things I love and collect and how I want to document them.

I'm working on a new layout to share this week but here's one from a few years back, featuring my collection of vintage Valentine's. I love these little babies so much!

This page will be the start of my "Collections Album" I discussed in the show. I still love this layout, even though it's quite a few years old. I am a big fan of classic scrapbooking and simple and clean for that very reason - it doesn't seem to age or date itself as much as some layouts do, some of my own included.

I hope you were inspired to think about scrapbooking your own collections! I'll be sharing some pictures this week of some collections around my home and maybe even some things I see in stores that catch my fancy.

See you soon my dearies!

PS: As I was hitting publish on this blog, I stopped by Susan Branch's blog (my very favorite blog ever) and she shared a picture of a collection today. Isn't life delightful? Check it out here. Be warned, it's easy to get sucked into her blog and before you know it, you've read the entire thing!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

december daily - day four

Hello dearies,
Have you ever had a page that should have taken you 10 minutes but ended up taking three days? That's what happened with this page. I moved things around, sat and looked at it and felt uninspired for literally three days. Now here we are at the finished product, a simple little page and I'm happy with it.

Here's day four which finally came together today...
The journaling pulls out and I must say, I love this list. This list is so me...
Here's how it looks in the album and I think it makes a happy page next to the plainer one from day 3.
Now! I have about 30 minutes of daylight left before I have to get dressed for a party so I'm going to start on Day 5 and hope it's an easier process. It's a big beautiful photo of my beautiful girl from a photo shoot so it should be easy!

Be back soon! How's your December Daily going?

Friday, December 05, 2014

december daily - day two and three

Dear, dear blog friends,

I guess you've noticed, I fell off the December Daily wagon. It was not on purpose, I assure you. Life just got in the way! I've worked harder than I've ever worked in my life this last week and just could not fit one more thing in.

So tonight I sat down and did Day Two and Day Three just because I want to share and I want to catch up.

I've been loving what Ali is doing and I'm loving that it's very simple. I think I have greatly overcomplicated this in the past and that's why I couldn't get it done!! So this year, simple is my mantra. (Speaking of simple, have you seen Cathy Zielske's December Daily yet? Love!!! So simple and so her and it just speaks to me.)

Okay, so here's Day Two - Tuesday:

(Click to enlarge and read journaling.)

And because I like to see how things are shaping up in other people's albums, here it is in the album. 
Now if you'll remember my sketches, I had that skinny page planned and I loved it that Ali just happened to do something similar on one of her days this week. My skinny page is 3.5 x 8. The reason is, I used Project Life type cards on the top and bottom that are 3x4 and then when I got ready to do the holes, it bothered me that they would cut into the design. So I mounted them onto a piece of white Scenic Route patterned paper with lines, because let's face it, I'm never gonna write on those lines. (Am I right??!) Then I covered the side with some washi tape that I think looks like a sweater so it's perfect! I found some old, old, old KI Memories circle die cuts in my black bin of embellies and used that with an American Crafts silver sticker.

The journaling's really just a rundown of what we did that day and I feel like I captured the emotion of the day which is what I'm going for in this album.

Now on to Day Three - Wednesday:

Disclaimer: I work in the office one day a week and it's this day, Wednesday. So not much happened other than me sitting at my computer but Caroline's Daddy had a gig so he dropped her at the church and we went to an early dinner at the new Culver's in our town which is a big deal for us 'cause we love it!!

So I knew I was going to use the back of that skinny piece and I could have added a second piece of journaling but what is there to say other than we ate there and show the pics, right? So keeping it simple - I went with this! I may add something later but for now, I'm good with it. 
Pics are from my phone. Top picture I printed at 4x6 and cut a 1/2 inch off the left side. Bottom pics are 1.75 x 1.75. That left me with the perfect amount of room for a strip of words. 

The page across from this is going to be an enlargement of my Living Room decorated and under it I'm going to have something vintage and Christmasey so I felt like I could keep this one simple and it still look okay in the album and oh mylanta, I love my little tree peeking out from behind it!
By the way, that white circle is also an older than dirt KI Memories die cut that perfectly matched the one on the opposite side which made my life easier. :) Sticker number is by Simple Stories. 

Writing out my journaling on a pad I keep by my bed has been very helpful!! I was able to quickly type the Day 2 journaling by looking at what I had written (in my practically illegible "I'm scribbling this at 2 am" writing). 
I've decided that I can't really do more than two days of this at a time and keep it fresh and genuine so tomorrow I'm going to an event at Jenni Bowlin's house (yay!) and then I'm going to do Day Four and Five and then Sunday I'll do Day Six. I really will! Sunday's my day to scrapbook! 

Yesterday's will be easy 'cause it's just a pic of my Living Room with some decoration and today's is a huge picture of Caroline from our Christmas photo shoot. I had planned to be in a picture today and it rained all day (monsoonly!) and my hair was a bush!! So I will get one tomorrow when I'm cute and with my girlfriends. 

I can do this! Are you doing this? Leave me a comment and let me know if you are so I can check you out! See you back here tomorrow night with two more pages!

PS: In case you missed it, here's a link to Day One

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

here's the plan stan

Hello blog friends!

Well, I didn't get my Day 2 page done yet because I've been decorating like a fiend but I wanted to share some of my plans for my December Daily. I should have shared this Sunday but I didn't have my thoughts or my ducks in a row.

First of all, I've decided something really important that I need you to know. This is a revelation I had. Are you ready? Here it is...

Even if you can't do that day's page for your December Daily, it's important that before you go to sleep, you journal about your day. "In the moment journaling" will make a huge difference in how your DD feels and how you feel reading it in the future.

I had this revelation last night. I felt bad that I hadn't made my page but I grabbed a pad of paper and while all the emotions of the first day of December were swirling through me, I sat and wrote and wrote until I felt like I had captured my true thoughts from the day. I read through it and thought, "There is no way I would have written these words tomorrow." That is because tomorrow I will have tomorrow's perspective on today. Today I have a different view of today. Mostly, today I remember the details and emotion more than I will tomorrow. Tomorrow I will look back on today and just see the big picture. I will remember the highlights.

This has been so thought provoking for me that I may challenge myself to journal daily in 2015. It could really revitalize my scrapbooking process.

Now on to my plan Stan! First up, the album. It's a red and white polka dot album by Project Life. 6x8. I've gathered all my supplies in this basket that just so handily happens to have been sitting out since last Christmas because I lied to myself all year that I might finish up my 2013 album. I have both of the albums here because if I get on a roll with this year's, I might attempt to simultaneously do 2013's. We'll see.

Since I already had my materials gathered, I just looked through the selection to find papers that I feel fit with this album. Since the polka dots are white, I went with mostly white papers. This is by no means all my Christmas stash so I might dig into my remaining papers along the way.
As I look these over, I see a recurring theme of black and white and red with a touch of green which sounds great to me! I plan to use lots and lots of vintage Santa images as I did on the first day. I just love the warm fuzzies Santa gives me.

Speaking of....I bought this pad of paper at Hobby Lobby.
All Christmas is 50% off so this pack of 60 sheets of paper was $6.50. Now normally I wouldn't be super excited about Paper Studio paper because it's thin but I love, love, love this piece!!
I plan to just use that entire page (cut down) in my album as a filler page with some type of label and words somewhere.

I started the album by pulling out some Snap album dividers that I have loads of. I thought they would give it some interest. So on the first page for an opener, I printed this calendar from my friend, Marie Lottermoser.  (If you love December Daily, you MUST visit her blog. She rocks it!)
I went ahead and filled in some of the things we already have planned but I've already revised this several times and changed the font so I'll be replacing this one soon. I want to add as many details as possible. I think it will be fun to look back on later.

Because I had a few events planned, I decided to go ahead and sketch out my entire album, especially for the days I have plans. I do plan to make a few of these pages ahead of time but knowing I have a sketch to guide me makes me feel less of a need to pre-make the pages.

Here are my sketches. You can see, I've already switched up Day 1 and 2. I had planned to do a collage on Day 2 and a big picture of my tree on Day 1 but the tree didn't get done so I switched them around. Day 2 will have an enlarged photo of my little den tree I finished decorating Tuesday night. We're not going to the movie I had planned for today but we'll do something else fun that I will take a pic of and I'll use the same idea of a skinny 4x8 page beside an enlargement.
Day 4 is a note to have Caroline take a picture of me wrapping gifts because I never have enough photos of myself in DD and wrapping is something I love. Day 5 I'm going to copy a page I love of Marie's DD from a few years ago. We're going to take Christmas card pics that day so I know I'll have one good enough to enlarge. Day 6 I'm going to Jenni Bowlin's house so I'm planning several horizontal pictures on the page and I might include a second one if needed.

Day 7 is the Hendersonville Christmas parade so I made it go front and back of a page protector. I'm staying away from lots of page protectors. I prefer the album without them but I am throwing a few in for interest.

Here's the next few days...
Day 8 is going to be a square page for interest about White Christmas and the songs in it I love (I sing them all to Caroline at night). Day 9 is a party so I'm journaling on the square and then adding a page protector full of pics. Day 10 I will focus on me at work. Between 10 and 11 I'm planning a filler page with a quote and then 11 and 12 will be all about a toy giveaway I'm in charge of every year. I'm planning to have little 2x2 square pics all along the bottom of a panoramic shot of all the toys that spans two pages. Day 13 we're taping the show so I want to get pictures of Tiffany and me but I have no design or plan for the page. I'll have to see how the pics come out and decide.

Sunday the 14th I'll go Christmas shopping while Caroline is at home with Mike and I'll get her stocking stuffers and surprises (I've already gotten everything else for her!) and I thought I could take pics of lots of things I love in the stores.

Day 15 I was going to do a collage of the faces of my favorite Rankin Bass characters but that seems too similar to my Day 1 page now so I'll plan something else that day. Maybe use a 2x2 square pocket page and just put a few faces and fill the rest with patterns or I could do an enlargement of one of the characters or shows (I'm obsessed with Rankin Bass). Day 16 I have no plan so I thought about devoting that to Mike and Caroline but I'm keeping an open mind. I leave him out of this too often! Day 17 and 18 are undecided. Day 19 I'm having dinner with friends so I picked a pocket page. 20, 21 and 22 are undecided but as people's pages inspire me, I plan to copy some of their ideas. I'm loving looking through the links on Ali's blog!

 The last few days I'm leaving open and will sketch in some more details as time progresses. It doesn't worry me that I only have through day 16 or so sketched out. I love sketching layouts and look forward to coming up with more ideas. As long as I have a plan for the next couple of days, I can get the page done quickly when the time comes.

Well if you've read all this, I applaud you! LOL That was more info than you wanted to know, I'm sure!

One last note...I am printing at home on my Canon Pixma printer, using Platinum Pro Canon paper. I made my page 6.5 x 8 because 6x8 seemed small for the album when comparing it to the protectors I'll be using later in the album. I had to print the picture four times today. I couldn't make it print to the right size in Picasa so I wasted a sheet on that, then I over lightened it because Picasa printed dark, then turns out, printing from Word was a better print than Picasa and it came out just like my screen but then I obsessed and wanted to lighten it a tad so by the fourth try, it was perfect! I hate that I did that and wasted all that ink but oh well. I learned exactly the settings I will use now. I will print from Word from now on! I cringed putting these in the trash!

I'll be back Thursday at some point with Day 2 and 3. Thanks for stopping by! If you're doing December Daily and blogging about it, please leave me a comment so I can check it out!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

december daily - day one

Here we go...a little late in the day but I still did it! I spent way too much time working on this instead of finishing up my decorating so now I'll be up late tonight but oh well. I work 12 hours on Wednesday so I'll post Day 2 and Day 3 sometime Thursday.

I'll also be sharing about my album and plan later this week. Here's Day image to enlarge.

Journaling says...

"Hello December! I have been greatly anticipating your arrival. After all, you are my favorite month of the year! I am looking forward to all December holds for our little family of three. I already feel so much joy. Today, Caroline and I wore smiles for no reason. In the car, running errands, we grinned as we drove along. There was an undercurrent of joy riding with us. We have both caught the Christmas spirit. Christmas carols play in the car and the stores and it makes me feel peaceful and happy. While shopping, Caroline said, “It’s the first day of Christmas!”  I felt peace. I felt thankful. Tonight, we got the trees and decorations out and I got about half of the decorating done…pretty much everything except the ornaments on the trees. My favorite part of unwrapping everything is seeing all the little faces of the snowmen, nutcrackers and Santas. All their happy faces reflect mine and my baby girl’s. So much joy. We are so blessed to live this life and we are going to savor this season. Bring on the happy, December! We’re ready!"

Here it is in the album...

I have picked through one million tiny items and kept telling myself, "Keep it simple!" That's going to have to be my mantra if I'm going to get it done. I'm hearing Ali's voice in my head. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy December!