Wednesday, March 04, 2015

quick & easy stamped card

This week's Scrap Gals Podcast is all about stamping - one of my favorite subjects! I decided to pull out my stamps today and make a quick and easy card!

I love these Pebbles chips that Tiffany just bought me (thank you Tiff-Tiff!).

I grabbed one and some Doodlebug alpha stamps and since the surface is slick, my Staz-On ink.

I stamped the word hello and then decided to add a little interest using these Doodlebug stamps...

I snagged those at Michael's on clearance a couple years ago for about $3! The cardstock I used is textured so it gave the stamped image a woodgrain look! I liked it so I went with it!

I finished the card off with some American Crafts stickers I just snagged at the Target $1 spot! Yay!

Here's the finished card...

I already have someone in mind to send it to.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, March 02, 2015

memory planner monday

Hello dearies...welcome to Memory Planner Monday!

Since the month of February is now over, I am working on decorating my February monthly spread in my planner. I can't wait to share that with you but first, I need to share my final pages in January's section. I had so much fun making these pages!

I looked through my phone to find all my January photos and they were mostly just random pics without a story, perfect for 2x2 squares!
"Happy Day" square from from planner kit by Heidi Swapp  -- "Hello 2015" and pink 
heart circle from Elle's Studio January Kit -- patterned paper by Crate Paper -- font: Galliard

Here's the back side:
"Laugh Love Repeat" and "Noted" square from planner kit by Heidi Swapp -- XOXO from Heidi Swapp 
Project Life kit -- Memories sticker from Heidi Swapp sticker sheet -- patterned paper by Crate Paper 

Note to self: Take more pictures of yourself, Miss Tracie.

I looked for a January picture I might do a 6x8 layout about and the one that stood out to me was this of my desk after I cleaned it off one night. This was just a random picture I snapped with my phone but as I looked at it, I began to think of how it represents what I want for myself in 2015. I want to spend time at this desk creating, making pretty stuff and documenting my memories. 

I printed the photo out and using some new gold foil cardstock, I cut a title on my Silhouette Cameo! I love, love, love how this turned out! 
patterned paper by Heidi Swapp and Crate Paper -- YOU + ME = HAPPINESS from 
Elle's Studio January Kit -- gold cardstock by Jen Hadfield Home Made for Pebbles -- 
gold glitter tape from Heidi Swapp Wanderlust collection -- pink
heart very old chipboard piece -- word stickers at bottom by Heidi Swapp -- 

The colors on this were a little hard to get in a photo...this shows the shine of the foil better...

This will serve as a reminder every time I see it that my primary goal for this year is to create. On the back side of this, I added a typed list of my "15 Goals for 2015." I made the list in January but when I typed them up, I realized I had completed 7 of my 15 goals already and it was only March 1st!! I was giddy!! Just a note...the title was made with a file by Silhouette by Sophie Gallo - Design ID #33927. I love it! Well worth my 99 cents. 

The best part is I love how happy they look in the planner...

The pink behind the layout on the right is the February monthly tabbed page. I love how great it goes with the layout I made and I did not plan that at all. :) I am trying to stay in a similar color scheme with this entire planner but if I have a random photo that has red (as I did on the back of the pocket page), I'm not going to fret. Life is full of color!

I actually gathered my favorite patterned paper in this color scheme together earlier this week so that once I sat down to work, I would have a limited number of choices to make. It worked like a charm! It was very easy for me to look through my paper and embellishments and make a decision.

One of my goals for 2015 is to scrap faster!! :)

Hope you enjoyed January's final pages. I will share my February spread next Monday! I will be back this Wednesday with some stamping experiments to go along with this week's Scrap Gals Podcast. 

Have a lovely Monday my friends!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

heidi swapp craft mat

If you follow me regularly, you know my obsession with Heidi Swapp's videos on My Craft Channel. I love them!! While I was watching recently, I was admiring the gorgeous aqua craft mat she had on her table and decided I must own one! Later that week, I ran across it at Michael's and literally did the happy dance while no one was watching. I may or may not have also screamed, "Woo-hoo!"

So here she is, in all her glory.....
Ahhhhhh!! Angels singing, right?

Now here's where I need that music going, like in the chocolate commercial when you're unwrapping the chocolate...

See how thick?

Isn't she lovely?? Then I worried I wouldn't be able to get her back in that box! But it was super easy to roll 'er back up!

Super easy and she goes right in the corner with my other craft mat. I haven't spritzed or sprayed on her yet but I plan to soon!!!

Yay for Heidi Swapp and yay for Michael's coupons! Retail price is $19.99 but I got her for $11.99. Happy dance!

Monday, February 23, 2015

pinterest party anyone?

Hello, hello, hello! This week's Scrap Gals Podcast is all about having a crafty party aka a Pinterest party. I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my favorite Pinterest party ideas here on my blog. I really would like to do something like this or at least be invited to one!! :)

In the show, I talked about making cute invitations for your party. I think I would make something that had a chalkboard look to it with hand lettering but here's a really cute Pinterest themed invitation and the blogger sells a download to this invite for $15 so you can make it your own!

My perfect Pinterest party would include:

  • great food (with recipes)
  • fun and easy crafts
  • everyone looking cute so we can take a picture
  • a printed picture for everyone to take home
  • happy music

Of course I have one bajillion appetizer and dessert recipes pinned on my "Yummy Food" board. Here's a favorite...
Grape Salad

You'll think you've died and gone to Heaven when eating that!

One of my favorite crafts to do would be paint something ceramic with a Sharpie and bake it on, like this:

If you really want to see a lot of good Sharpie projects, click here for a long page of them!

I really like how this group took a picture and I think it would very cute to all dress to match and then print a picture for your friends before they leave! I saw another picture where everyone wore black and white and it was a cute crowd. 

I guess if you didn't have a photo printer at home, you could text your friends the picture.

In this week's show we also talked about having a craft night and including a variety of crafters. I think that is an idea that will grow more popular as crafting continues to grow in popularity. I love it and I absolutely love to see other people making stuff!!!!

I think a fun idea that we didn't discuss in the show, would be to have each crafter at the party do a little make and take or take turns each month having one make and take. I could have everyone make a card and someone else might have a tiny cross stitch project for us to make. You could be exposed to a lot of different crafts that way and may find one you love!

Here's a fun article from the Etsy blog that has some good ideas for throwing your own craft party! So how about you? Have you gone to a craft night or a Pinterest party or are you interested in having one? If the answer's yes, please invite me. :) I want to go and be crafty!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

artful memory planner - list page

In my planner, after each monthly calendar is a page of lists you can fill in. I considered hand writing them but it seemed easy enough to print the lists out on white cardstock and they certainly look a lot better typed.

I love lists in general and I love the titles of these lists: thankful for, that was awesome and I probably should. I looked through all my January Facebook to remember what I did and how I felt and compiled a list of things I was thankful for that month. 

I really want to use this planner to focus on my creative goals so I thought it would help me feel productive if I wrote down what I accomplish each month. I'm using the "that was awesome" section to do just that.

For the "I probably should" section, I'm taking a look at the month and what I did NOT accomplish and adding it to that list with checkmarks so that later, I can go back and check them off. That will be a good feeling. This was really fun to create and just took about 30 minutes so that's always good! 

Click to enlarge and read journaling.

Here it is in the album, I absolutely love the calligraphy style font Heidi used in this...

I gave myself permission to write all over that white page but I ended up not really needing to so I don't know I'll use that for yet. I may have Caroline draw something on it for me! I just thought of that as I was writing. 

To the right of this, I am making a couple 6x8 PL style pages using some of my favorite pics of the month but first, I'm going to tackle this front page and make it pretty. I want the larger square to have the word "focus" and say "My One Little Word For 2015" or something like that. Then on the back, I'll probably write a list of my goals but I may not share those here. See that word "documented?" That was from a Tim Holtz rub-on sheet I bought this week. It was a bit hard to transfer so I had to really work on it a long time. In the end, it worked out so all is well. :) I think rub-ons are worth the trouble it takes to use them.

Just for fun, here's a peek at all the goodies I'm using for my planner. I need a little basket to corral these. Anytime I work on the planner, I'm getting this stack out and it's so fun knowing this stuff is waiting for me.
Check out my two packs of Elle's Studio kits I got this week. I'll be sharing those with you soon and a project I've made with them! 

Have a great weekend and stay warm! My friend, Jennifer Webb, is coming over to tape the podcast tomorrow and Tiffany will be coming to us via Skype so we'll be taping in my husband's studio upstairs. I hope it works out! He will be here to help us get a good sound so it may end up better than normal! Tiffany is snowed in and has been all week and we're getting more snow tonight so we had to get creative. We have a really fun topic for the show that I think you'll love so watch for that Monday.

Now go and be crafty my friends!! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

oh you woolies, you're so jovial

So today I thought, "Let's make a card. What kind of card should I make?" I looked out my window to think and the glaring brightness of the snow made it glaringly obvious I should make a winter card! Ding, ding, ding - we have a winner.

So I grabbed my tiny stack of winter embellishments and pulled out a pack of stickers by Basic Grey called "Jovial Woolies." Dang, they are jovial!

I picked out my favorite and grabbed my bowl of 4x6 scraps and found some paper to coordinate. Then I grabbed a kraft 4x5.5 card base and about 10 minutes later, I had this...

I had to clip it together to stay closed for the pic!

I cut the center out with my trimmer and then used my exacto knife to make a white frame out of polka dot cardstock. I wanted to add some snowflakes inside but didn't want them to show through the front so I masked off an area and stamped. I used some watercolor paper to make a snow scene inside. 

I love how happy this little guy is!

I've already mailed him to a friend so someone will be getting a surprise Friday or Saturday. 

Winter greetings to you!! Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

planner goodies

Lately I've been making weekly trips to Joann. Since they got the new Heidi Swapp Wanderlust collection in, I am buying it in small(ish) increments. I stopped by Sunday because a) a big snow storm was coming and I needed one last shopping fix and b) my daughter wanted craft supplies for a project she saw on You Tube so I had the perfect excuse!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that all scrapbooking is 40% off this week! Woot-woot! Go me!

I'm still in the phase of looking for things for my planner and I specifically need very small acrylic letter stamps but they didn't have any so I got these awesome rub-ons by Tim Holtz. I don't normally buy Tim's products. Tim and I are on opposite ends of the style spectrum, wouldn't you say? But these will be perfect for my planner! I still love me a good rub-on....
These are black at the bottom, not gray as this photo makes them appear!

"This Is a Happy Life" may end up on a page about my blog! Perfect!

Whilst I was there (that's how we say it in the South), I got these cute Teresa Collins stickers because they also seemed "planner perfect."
You can't go wrong with anything black and white, right?

I had to have this pack of Heidi Swapp tags that are on super thick watercolor paper.
I opened them up tonight to show you and couldn't believe how many are in there!! Four blank tags that are now waiting for me to stamp and watercolor. Giddy about that.
Oh Heidi how I love your mad design skillz. That rose!!! Makes my heart zing.

And last but not least, an adorable to-do list for $1 that is perfect for keeping in my planner. Something about a to-do list with little boxes on the side makes me actually do the things on it! I'm a nutjob like that.
So there ya go...head on over to Joann while the sale's still on! They should be paying me commission for all the business I'm sending them lately! ha!!! 

Go and be spendy y'all.

Monday, February 16, 2015

it's a work in progress

So you may notice that my blog looks a bit different today. See those tabs above? I added pages for my most read categories here. They are all under construction so bear with me this week as I add content to them. I hope to make it easier for my readers to find what they're looking for!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 13, 2015

artful memory planner

Finally, I had a free and sunny day to take pictures of my memory planner. I've decided to call it an "Artful Memory Planner" because it holds art, memories and my plans!

I have had the most fun ever working on this. It was very relaxing to cut tiny pieces of paper and patchwork them together like a quilt. I used mainly 6x6 paper pads and some embellishment papers I had around. Then I picked through my pink and black embellie bin and came up with some more goodies to add.
Click to enlarge and read journaling.

Here's how it looks in the album. I love all the gold! I'm going to add the word "focus" on the top left but I can't quite decide how. I'm thinking maybe white cursive word with a smattering of pink mist. Nothing that stands out too much.
At the bottom, it should read "1, 2, 3, 4 days and still sick." I don't know if anyone else will get that but I do so it's all good!! I used really old Heidi Grace rub-ons for that part and it was fun!

Here's the right side which is my favorite...
I added a picture of Caroline because she was beautiful that day. Bing Crosby is in there because I watched a documentary about him that day and it was so awesome, I thought about it for a week! My sister's birthday was the 22nd so I added that. I'm okay with there not being numbers on all the days. I really just intended for it to be pretty and help me remember the month.

Here's the left side....
I had a horrible couple of days so when I saw that "rain rain go away" paper, I was like "perfect!!!" Plus I had to include a photo of an adorable fish Caroline and I saw at Cheddar's.

Here's a super close up so you can see the texture...
The colors on this spread are so happy to me and I am so thrilled with how this turned out. I'm going to do a pocket page of favorite photos from the month and add it to the next page. I'll share that soon.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this but I won't know unless you tell me! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

just a wee bit naughty

I've been just a wee bit naughty lately buying boat loads of Heidi Swapp products. You see, when I get excited about something, I get really excited. Who knows what even really got me on a Heidi Swapp kick but I am on one big time!! (See my last post for proof.)

I'm thinking it's those darn My Craft Channel videos. They are good, good stuff!! After I watched some of the videos one day, I headed to Michael's and although this stuff had been sitting there for a while - I had to have it all. I had just started working in my memory planner and that was feeding my Heidi have to haves.

I got this kit of awesome transparent overlays. Looooovvvvveeeeee!

I was like, "Oh this is cute." and then I opened the box. Angels singing!
Oh yeah baby, bring it on home to Mama....
There are two of each!!!!!!! I would sell one of each of them but no! I'm hoarding them! You can't sell Heidi Swapp stuff - you gotta keep it!
This one (above) is 4x6. For the love of memory keeping, people, this is fabulous!!!!! This is the foundation for an entire pocketed page layout! This page practically will make itself! :)

These bad boys are gonna make me look like I have added digi brushes to my pictures. My cool factor is gonna go way up when I use these. 

The 3x4's are my fave. Hello you little piece of awesomeness!

The kit also came with these absolutely awesome little doo-dads. They make me very happy.

I also snagged several sets of these small stamps, perfect for my planner...

And this way cool sheet of transparent stickers! I think I need a second sheet of these 'cause I'm hoarding them already.

I also got this wonderful pack of tags in the same color scheme. I love them!!!! 

I am going to use them in my memory planner although the colors in it are a little more pastel. I think it will be fine. I can't keep the whole thing to a pastel color scheme. Ain't no way, y'all.

I also grabbed these super cool stamps which are also perfect for a planner...

Here are a couple more sets I snagged. I've already used this one for January...

I just love this one too! If it says Heidi Swapp on it, I want it!!! I want to make pretty stuff!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my stash! I've got one more post about something awesome of hers I bought. Check back for that! I also bought a ton of her September Skies line that is still in the shipping box. haha! Will have to grab that and photograph it to show you too!

That's all for now so go and be crafty.