Thursday, May 26, 2005

amazing grace

Sitting on the bed tonight, singing my precious, beautiful daughter to sleep, tears ran down my face as I was overwhelmed with the realization that I have been so blessed. Actually I think about it often and it always comes down to's all about grace. God's grace, that is. I have failed Him so many times and yet here I am, supremely blessed. Even after years of knowing God and serving Him, I continue to fail Him time and again but he never fails me. I ask forgiveness, he forgives. That's what grace is all about. He knows my heart and he's merciful because he loves me.

Realizing this makes me realize that a) I need to be less judgemental of other people and more loving. I need to find positive things to love about every person I come in contact with instead of picking out the negative. b) I need to be a more dedicated Christian, I need to read my Bible and attend church on a more regular basis. Nothing should stand in the way of me serving God after how he has blessed me.

I mean really, who am I to have such a great life? I have a loving, hard-working, handsome husband, a beautiful home that really is my dream home, a perfectly healthy and happy child and the only work I ever do involves something I'm passionate about. I have great friends that make me laugh and so many little things to make me happy. What more could a girl want out of life? There are so many people out there hurting but here I am...happy and blessed. God has been good to ME....his grace truly IS amazing.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words. :)

Anonymous said...

It truly is! Bask in it friend! ;)

doris said...