Monday, May 09, 2005

I love Mother's Day!

I had the best Mother's Day yesterday. After waking up, I was greeted with "Happy Mother's Day!!" by my sweet family. They had been busy while I was sleeping, picking up toys and cleaning the house. That was a nice surprise. Then I was given my gifts - a movie I had been wanting FOREVER, Frequency with my boy, Jim Caviezel and fun stationary from Target (love that aisle!). Caroline made me a dish towel at school with her little handprint and a purse card. I loved it all! In the afternoon, Mike played the guitar and I sang and sang all my favorite songs after we found a cool site online that gave Mike the chords to all the songs! It was so much fun. I love to sit around and sing more than anything. (Okay at one point, Caroline did throw a tantrum on the stairs to get attention. I guess she was tired of my singing! ha!) That evening, we had a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden and I ended the day watching one of my favorites shows, Desperate Housewives. It was an all-around good day. I felt loved and happy. It seems like every year, Mother's Day is my favorite day. I am pampered more than any other day - even my birthday. It's like for that one day, Mike goes "thanks for being a Mom" and Caroline tries to make me feel special.

So if you're a Mother, how did YOUR Mother's Day go? I'd love to hear about it!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! When we talked today, I didn't ask you about your day yesterday, so I'm really glad that it went so well.

My day was good too, though not quite as idyllic as yours. No singing in the living room for us! (Do you hear the ENVY in my voice?) Anyway, I loved seeing Kelsey in her dance recital and I adored getting to take all those photos.

The thing is that life just didn't stop for me like I wanted it to....I still had dishes to wash and laundry to do and trash to take out, etc., etc. I don't mean to sound like Cinderella or anything, but I would have liked a little more pampering. Maybe I need to copy this blog for Eric and not so subtlely leave it for him in his car. LOL!


Michelle Woods said...

Well my birthday was just Tuesday and I had a wonderful day, good friends at lunch and dinner/shopping out with hubby and no kiddos. Anyway, that to say yesterday was a bust for me. Chris worked all day, and I mean sun up to sun down and I was at home with a sinus headache with all of the regular motherly duties to be done. Chris felt bad but he was out making money so who am I to complain!
I am so glad you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you had a great day! My day was pretty uneventful, which is wonderful! It's normally a day filled with racing around town to visit all the grandmothers. We celebrated with Mark's family on Saturday so that really freed up a lot of time on Sunday. After church we had lunch and watched a movie. Then we pretty much did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day.
I thought that was pretty great until Monday when I spent the whole day cleaning and doing laundry. I thought, "It sure would have been great if my family had done all of this yesterday!" But I guess that's why they appreciate me! LOL!

doris said...

:) glad you had such an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice day Tracie. Mine was a simple day, but enjoyable as well. It's just nice to feel special for a day, isn't it! Love that you got to sing and sing...always therapeutic. Maybe not for those who have to listen to me though, ha ha.