Thursday, June 16, 2005

life at the D.M.V.

Wanted: Serious minded people. Must not smile. Must barely give people the time of day. Should know how to carry on a personal telephone conversation and do job at the same time. Must not show any sign of friendliness or happiness. Gesturing and motioning to people is a must-needed skill. Apply today at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Gallatin, TN.

Was this the job ad for the D.M.V. here? I think so because today I encountered the most unfriendly, somber-faced people I believe I've ever seen in my life! After putting off getting my license renewed for a month and a half, I walked into the DMV literally ONE MINUTE before they stopped taking people for the day (it was 4:44 and they closed at 5:00). I walked up to the counter in my naturally friendly manner and said, "Hello. I need to get my driver's license renewed." The lady just handed me a number and gestered for me to sit down. I said, "Do you close at 5:30?" She said something like, "No! We close at 5 pm. We're closing right now!" I was like "Whew! I barely made it!" and chuckled. I could have been talking to myself because she paid absolutely no attention to me. About 15 seconds later, she called my number (did I really need one at this point?) and really the rest of the conversation was so boring I hate to even type it. Basically it was me being friendly and nervously laughing and her ignoring me. Then the icing on the cake was....I walked over to get my picture taken and ANOTHER somber-faced lady told me to sit down. She was in the middle of a big conversation on the phone about how she couldn't dial long distance from her home telephone and she needed this person to do this and that since she was leaving in a few minutes (think personal phone-call). I guess I was following her conversation too closely because right when I sat down, I looked at the camera and before I knew it she held up her fingers - 1, 2, 3 fingers and CLICK - the camera went off! Wait!!! I wasn't ready (I thought). I stood there as she continued to talk on the phone and finally I asked if my license would be ready soon. She said, "oh, here it is." It had been sitting there while she talked on the phone! I laughed (almost cried) all the way out the door as I looked at my picture. I would post it here but the horror of such a picture being posted online would most likely shut down the internet all over the world. At the very least, it might break your computer. It's like a really bad mug shot. After a little pep talk to myself, I decided it might not be that bad. However when the checker girl at Dollar Tree cracked up and held her hand over her mouth when she saw it (after I relayed the above story), I knew it was as bad as I originally thought. Let's put it this way - I won't be writing checks any time soon. Don't ask to see it if you see me out somewhere - it might scar you for life.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, Tracie, I'm so going to ask to see that mug of yours! LOL!!! My DL picture is actually *OK*, and one time when I got ID'ed at the grocery buying beer, the lady actually thought it was NOT me! She even said, "you don't look anything like this woman!" I tried to say something funny, thinking she thought I looked *better* than the DL picture. Then she corrected me, saying she loved the picture, letting me know that obviously she thought I wasn't having a good hair day right then, LOL! Poor thing... you are going to have to live with that pic for the next TEN years! Maybe you can "lose" it sometime when you have a free afternoon to do a re-do! -Jane Rife