Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And when she was good....

she was very, very good and when she was bad, she drove her Mother nutty!!!!

This was my day today. Caroline was a perfect angel all day. She watched no television. She cleaned the Den and her room without complaining. She didn't whine. She was fun. We had fun. We danced. We cleaned. We snuggled. We laughed. We read a story. Then we went to CiCi's Pizza and Walmart to get groceries. We were there for HOURS. She was good the entire time. That shocks even me. No trips to the bathroom, no whining, nuttin'. She was perfect. Then we get home at 9:15ish (pm) and she watches a Care Bear movie and gets so wound up that she's a maniac! At 11:15, we finally lay down to go to sleep and she says she isn't sleepy. So we get up and she lays down beside me in the bonus room while I check my e-mail. She kicks my chair, she rolls all over the floor, she talks to herself, she talks to me. She doesn't sleep. At midnight, I go downstairs to do the dishes and laundry and I hear her running around upstairs (while her Daddy is sleeping of course). She yells at me for toilet paper. After walking all the way upstairs to give her some, I threaten her with a spanking if she doesn't go to sleep and FINALLY....at 12:15 am, she falls asleep upstairs under the computer on the floor while I'm downstairs. So I have to bend down, pick her 45 lbs. up and haul her into her bed. I feel frustrated and tired. We have worked hard today and I wanted some "me" time.

Then, I see on 2Peas a picture of a beautiful little boy that died today from leukemia. It made me totally stop feeling frustrated and realize how blessed I am to have a healthy, crazy, dance-around-the-house, talk-to-herself-nonstop little angel in bed down the hall. I think I'll be happy for the 90% good and overlook the 10% bad today.


Michelle Woods said...

Hey girl. I feel so out of touch. Reading your blog helped me catch up. It is so nice to read about how much fun you and Caroline have together. I know when I go out and run errands by myself there is a part of me that is lonely and then my brain is like "HELLO I can get sooo much more done with out them!" LOL

Sarah said...

Wow! Yep, just when you think you can't take anymore...you run across something like that and it shows you that life is hard sometimes but hard can be good.