Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Look how easy this is!

Okay I've heard so many people say that homeschooling seems like something that would be too hard for them to do. Just to show you how easy it is, here's an average day at our house during homeschooling...

10:00am or so - we wake up when we wake up, no alarms, no rushing, just waking up when our body tells us to

10:30 - after a light breakfast together, we start school by saying the pledge and praying

10:45 - I read a Bible story to Caroline while she colors a corresponding picture that I printed for free from the internet here, then we listen to a song on a cd that lets Caroline learn a Bible verse - we sing together and she loves it! (I plan to read the Bible by myself once she's able to read to herself. I need Bible time too.)

11:00 - According to my curriculum notes (provided for me by co. I bought it from) - I either read a chapter in a book called Hero Tales or from a Children's Encyclopedia. I ALWAYS learn something, even at the Kindergarten level.

11:15 - I read to her a chapter from The Boxcar Children - a delightful fictional book

11:30 - We do 4 worksheet pages from Explode The Code - a phonics workbook that includes handwriting practice.

11:45 - She reads aloud from an I Can Read It! book using the letters she just learned.

12:00 - Lunch Break - we break for either turkey sandwiches or spaghettios

12:30 - Math - using the curriculum worksheet and teacher's guide, we do simple exercises in Math and count M&M's and things like that

12:45 - Handwriting - we do a single worksheet featuring one letter and sound, afterwards Caroline colors the picture provided on the worksheet that corresponds with the letter. Today was "cat" for the letter "c". While she colors, I either read or relax and watch her.

1:00 - Science - I read to her from a book about our body. Soon, we will go outside and draw pictures of things in nature like Fall leaves, bugs and rocks. (Yes I said bugs! LOL)

1:15 - Art - we try to do a project that relates to something we learned. So far we've done a fingerprint paint tree for the apple tree from the Garden of Eden, a rainbow for Noah's story, etc. I find all these free online and I have a book I bought with complete projects you just cut out. Couldn't be easier! Art is her favorite part of homeschooling btw.

1:45 - Devotional - I read to her out of a devotional book geared for girls 6-9. We discuss it and how the Word applies to our life. I love this part because we need more reading of the Bible in our life and this gives us that opportunity.

2:00 - We do something "chore" related if she needs to or she watches something educational like Zooboomafoo and I ask her what animals she learned about. This adds the extra 30 minutes to our day that we need for the 4 hours TN requires.

Now we only do that for a few hours per day and only 4 days. One day per week we go out and do something fun and educational and call it a field trip.

I guess it seems so easy to me because I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to, we're done by 2:00 pm (could be done earlier if we got up earlier) and we're together all day. We're learning so much and it's fun! No homework after school time. We just enjoy life together.

So that's it. Isn't that easy?


Chelle said...

That's awesome Tracie! I plan to homeschool, but I get so freaked out. Well I guess you can say I homeschool now. I wonder if it will get easier when the kids get a little older. Right now, it's all I can do to get them to all sit still at once.

Chelle said...

One more thing... make sure to check out www.starfall.com . C will love it!

Michelle Woods said...

This starfall website is awesome!!!!! Peyton loves it.

Sherri said...

well your day doesn't sound too bad, I think my favorite part is the sleeping til you want to with no alarms....think of me at 5:45 am will ya?? Everyday Dylan comes home with a ton of simple worksheets and I always think "worksheets, heck, I can do worksheets!" Dylan would love to be homeschooled, Cody says forget it!

TracieClaiborne said...

I did a search last week and found starfall.com. We love it! I have been having her stay on there as long as she wants and count it as "school".

kellicrowe said...

good for you!
when people say "I don't know how you do it!" I always think the same thing back. My friends get up at 5 am. Yikes. I guess we all look at each other and wonder the same thing though.

AMankin said...

Totally sounds great! Can I come to your school!?!?!?