Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's official: I can't watch Dr. Phil or Oprah anymore

I have been taping these shows and don't watch them everyday but have for the last few days. Last night, I stayed up WAY too late watching the shows from Tuesday. Dr. Phil had a 2-part special about the Hurricane. I cried and cried as I listened to story after story of suffering. Oprah wasn't sad but kinda just a waste of time. It was about people who don't manage their money well - Dave Ramsey was on there. This one family let their two kids, 16 and 18, have credit cards and they spent about $600 each every month on eating out and clothes. The parents took their lunch and bought cheap stuff. I was like, "whah????" The kids didn't do any chores either and had brand new cars. I wanted to smack the people. Is that any way to raise children? Like Dave said, I feel sorry for whoever marries them.

Anyway, these two shows seem to either irritate me or make me cry. I've decided I don't need that in my life. I am still going to watch the news once a day to keep up on Katrina but I have to get it out of my mind. Last night, I laid awake trying to go to sleep but I had scenes of people floating in water in my head. The sadness is just too great. I can't do it to myself anymore. I need to fill my day with something positive.

Just some rambling for the day...


kellicrowe said...

i am with ya on these shows
i still tivo oprah and watch the decorating stuff

Anonymous said...

I saw that too Tracie.
Oprah- I could have smacked them too.
And that poor guy who had no clue how much debt his wife had accumulated? Oh my... I see some major counseling in that marriage coming. I pray.
I really don't watch Oprah much anymore either. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about her show. They might not be really popular because people love her so much.
Well, I'm another one reading your blog... just today at least... : )
Deanna B.