Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shopping update...

I'm home from my shopping adventure at Opry Mills. That place is way too big. I got Caroline an outfit at Hartstrings - lavender floral pants and a matching shirt. I got her a great sweater at the Gap with a huge flower across the front - very 'scrapbookey'. Now I just need jeans, khakis, tennis shoes, brown t-straps, 3-4 dresses, a jean jacket and something to wear to the pumpkin patch. I guess I better get with it since colder weather's coming.

I picked up the new Made In Minutes by Scrapbooks, etc. at Kroger tonight. Man, does it rock!!!! I usually cut my mags apart after reading them thoroughly but this one's gotta stay intact. Almost every page has a layout I want to lift. If you see it, get it!

TTFN! (ta-ta-for-now)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracie!
Stumbled on to your blog through Doris and 2Peas...
I'm Deanna from M'boro. Had to post and just say Hi and I got that mag Saturday at Kroger's too! LOL
It is soo good... makes me want to go scraplift every single thing in there! They made it so easy and user friendly.. just gotta love that.
Maybe sometime I'll make my way up to Scrap It and meet you and/or Doris. Hopefully if Gas doesn't sky rocket again.
Have a great week!
Deanna Baltimore

jennifer said...

I also need to figure out what is going on with my children's clothing. I have picked up several outfits for Kirsten and I got some jeans for Courtney but that's it! I have to pull down Courtney's old clothes and see what will fit Kirsten.
Regarding jacket weather, low 70's for me means a light jacket or at least layers. It also makes a difference if the sun is shining or not. I can't wait until this weekend! I will not miss the hot weather!

Christy B said...

Hey Tracie ..... I finally updated my blog and saw your comment! I can't remember how I found your blog! Probably 2peas. My blog is very boring, as I'm a very boring person ... nothing exciting happens in my life. Thanks for the encouragement re: the business. We'll see how it goes!

Keep blogging. I love hearing your homeschool stories!

kellicrowe said...

shopping in the fall - the only thing better is shopping at Christmas:)
something about both feels like you should have a lovely movie sound track to go with it

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