Sunday, September 18, 2005

vintage hip

Have you seen the new line by Making Memories called Vintage Hip? It's fabulous! This line is called Gracen - I love this paper! I bought this great frame in the same line. I want to put it on the outside of a spiral bound 6x6 album and use the paper through the entire album along with their embellishments in the same line. I'm thinking I could put ribbon thru the outer holes and tie a bow on one side (thinner ribbon).

So my question to you is...what should the theme of the album be? I'm thinking something girly. I have a list of albums I want to do. What album should I use this paper for? Here's the list...

- Becoming a Mother (pregnancy)
- Days I Will Remember (like JFK Jr's death, Princess Di's death, etc.)
- Girlfriends (IRL and online)
- God In My Life
- Just An Ordinary Day (details about my average day, costs of things, routines, etc.)
- The Story Of Our Love (Mike and me)

Those are the ones that seem like they might work. Which one do you vote for?


Anonymous said...

I like this paper with your Girlfriends album; it just seems perfect for the "feel" of an album about friendship. Will I get a page? LOL! When are you going to start this new album? I can't wait to see the work in progress. See you soon!


Chelle said...

This paper is so pretty. What a great idea for the 6x6 album.

The 2 that really stand out to me is God in my life. And if you do this I would love to see it. Could you imagine the effect that it would pass on? How would you do this? Favorite verses? The miracles he gave you (like your dh and daughter)? I would love to know your thoughts on how you make this.

My 2nd choice is the the Story of Our love. This looks so much like anniversary paper to me.

Other thoughts: Mother's Day, tea party with your daughter

jennifer said...

I like Becoming a Mother, Girlfriends and The Story of Our Love. Great paper BTW! Can't wait to see the end result! I haven't scrapped in weeks. Hopefully I'll get to do something this week.

kellicrowe said...

i think you should do all those albums:)
i just got those frames for a baby book i am going to do for a friend (man it would be great if i knew boy or girl)
the papers look feminine to me - so i say becoming a the most feminine thing you can do:)
AND you have a there ya go.
that is my vote.
however, i wanna know about the other stuff now.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading, Tracie :) I love, love this whole line! Be sure to share your album when you finish!