Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Arts & Crafts

Caroline's favorite part of school is "doing art" (as she calls it). I was trying to come up with projects every day but they were really hokey. Most involved coloring or painting. I want super-cool projects like she did in preschool but I couldn't find any great ideas! This week, I found a great book at my favorite store, The Book Gallery. It is by Family Fun magazine and I love everything in the entire book! They're all very easy to do. I told her we would start doing art two days per week and then we could have great projects. She seemed okay with the compromise.

She found this foamie hat and flowers at Walmart this week and couldn't wait to decorate it. This isn't from the book but it's her latest "project." See how happy art makes her?


kellicrowe said...

family fun mag is my fave for homeschooling projects and crafts!
oh - and for travel too!
she is super cute:)

Anonymous said...

What a cute project. Grayson goes to Mother's day out 2 days a week and they cannot get over how much he loves the glustick and construction paper shapes. They glue shapes onto stencils. He just loves it. I wonder if they love art so much because they see us doing projects. I will have to get that magazine so I can have projects to do with Grayson.

Chelle said...

She is a doll. If you need help with coming up with projects, I would be glad to give you some ideas. I have a ton of them in my head.