Monday, October 17, 2005

extra low prices

Here's a recent funny conversation between Caroline and me:

Walking into the new Super Walmart, Caroline pointed to the building...

C: What's that say?
T: sound it out...Extra Low Prices
C: What does that mean?
T: That means that they always have the lowest price of anyone on everything you buy.
C: Silent pause (she's thinking)

We walk into the store...
C: I have an idea. Since they always have low prices here, there's a toy I've been wanting forever. It's a doodle bear and you write all over it!
T: I don't think so!!!

ha! Share a funny story you've had recently with a kid! I love to hear them!


jennifer said...

What a clever girl! I have one, it's not really a conversation but here goes. Kirsten is just learning the fine art of hide and seek. We were playing the other day with Courtney. Kirsten has to be on a "team" with someone. So when Courtney was hiding, we counted and then I said "Where's Courtney?" Kirsten put her finger on her chin and said, "Hum, be?" (translation: Hum, where could she be?) It was so cute! I'm afraid she is learning some drama from her big sisters!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh I can just see her!!! How cute!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I laughed at this, but it was also very heartwarming...
We were watching Charlotte's Webb. (ok, I was blogging) All of a sudden I hear a sobbed "mommy, I don't want Wilbur to go". She is all out tears falling down her cheeks crying over this movie. I rush to sit with her and she holds on to me for dear life. It was so sweet and I'm so thankful she has such a compassionate heart. Of course, this same "angel" also told her daddy that we couldn't take our little neon to church cuz "mommy's too big and she won't fit. Let's take the truck"