Sunday, October 02, 2005

Frightfully beautiful.

I looked out my window this week and screamed when I saw this spider web with a huge spider right in the middle. It had made webs across all our trees in the back. It reminded me of the movie. ha! The web fascinated me. It was so intricate and perfect. I hope you can see it in the picture. The sun just happened to be shining on it the right way to illuminate it. I went out and took a picture. I had major heebie-jeebies the entire time. I hate spiders. If I see a spider in the house - I FLIP OUT. I mean FLIP OUT. Mike came home and killed this one with a shovel, it was HUGE and steps away from all the cracks in my house. ha!

It's still hot. 85 degrees and the 2nd day of October. That's just not right. It's never this hot here in October! Ick. I hate it.

Happy Sunday!!!


Chelle said...

That is HUGE! Holy cow! I'm with you- Hate spiders. Greg would be brave and knock it down if it were in our backyard, but I think he is even more afraid of them than me.

Anonymous said... almost needed a gun for that one! I think I would have the heebie jeebies for a long while!

jennifer said...

I just can't do spiders! I try to refrain from killing spiders and bugs if they are outside but if it comes in the house it's out of luck! We've had a few of these huge garden spiders before too. I have to remind myself that they eat the other bad bugs flying around!

Christy B said...

I hate spiders ..... much more than snakes. Just the thought of all those legs on me!!! UGH!!!

Thanks for the compliments about my paper bag albums. They are such fun to make. I've got about 4 more to make and then I'm making some for Christmas present for people (making about $120.00 for those)I'm also going to make some clipboards for the craft fair, some pre-made 8x8 albums (baby gifts) and a few paint cans. I need to get my behind moving since I've only got till Nov 15!!! I'll let you know how it goes!

kellicrowe said...

get the tranqualizer darts ready!

doris said...

beautiful pic, but i'm with ya. spiders . . . eeek! :D