Wednesday, October 12, 2005

fun at the patch

We had a great time yesterday at Gentry's Farm in Franklin. Michelle, Peyton, Dalton, Jennifer, Kirsten, Courtney, April, Lily, Caroline and all I went together. (April is a friend of Jennifer's.)

I have to say Gentry's is one of the best pumpkin patches I've been to and I've been to several! They had everything neatly arranged and lots of activity centers for the kids to play in. The only downside was that we only had an hour and a half and it just wasn't enough time. We did do a hayride but we didn't have time to go thru the huge corn maze. Maybe next time. I absolutely loved all their displays and I got some great shots.

Caroline had a few minor melt-downs and cried which is really not like her. She usually is on Cloud 9 at something like a pumpkin patch. She hadn't eaten much all day and I think she was just cranky. She perked up after dinner and was fine.

Here's a cute pic of Michelle and her kids. Dalton absolutely cracked me up because as soon as we got there, he got a stick and held it the whole time. Michelle said he does that everywhere!

After dinner, we had a slumber party at Courtney and Jennifer's house! It was fun! We stayed up late and watched Pooh's Heffalump Halloween movie. It was cute. I'm glad to be back home today but I'm tired, tired, tired.

Check ya later!


kellicrowe said...

how fun
a pumpkin patch AND a slumber party!
i have never ever even thought of having kids/family over to have a sleep over
i guess i think my own kids are enough to get to bed!!

jennifer said...

Those pictures are great! I'm going to drop off my film tomorrow and pray mine are half as good. I hate to say it but Caroline looks so grown up! What is our next field trip!?

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Caroline is growing up so fast. Sounds like a great time!


Michelle Woods said...

Ohhhh gasp! I picture of me! LOL It was a lot of fun. We have gone to Gentry Farm every year and I just love it. Glad we could all go together.