Monday, October 10, 2005

Grandma and Caroline

This is Mike's mother, mother-in-law. She's been my MIL for 14 years now. She is very different from my own Mother but she has her own unique talents. My Mother is very kissy/huggy and Madelyn isn't but you know she loves you. We don't always agree but we always get along. Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with me and my neurotic ways. I love this picture of her. (Those of you who know him, do you think Mike looks like her?)

When I think of Madelyn, I think of...

- squash casserole
- being treated to dinner out
- going in a store and pointing out something I like and her saying, "do you want it?" (She'd buy me anything I wanted!)
- turkey at Thanksgiving
- the best potato salad
- gardening
- gambling on "the boat"
- Cadillacs
- Mmmm, hello? (that's how she answers the phone and Mike answers the phone that way when I call just to be funny)
- pictures of her from when she was young

I wish Caroline could spend more time with her Grandma but Madelyn works every day and they don't see each other often. I need to work on that.

I had a busy day at work. Came home, did 2 loads of laundry, folded and put away 4 loads (2 from yesterday). Ugh. Tomorrow we're off to the patch!


kellicrowe said...

that is so sweet to list things that make you think of your mil:)

Anonymous said...

yes, I think Mike looks like his mom. I've never seen his dad though.