Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I actually scrapbooked today!

I haven't been able to say that in what seems like months. Seriously. I haven't scrapped a single thing in weeks! I started this layout in April so it's not like I really did it all today but at least I finished it. I'm working on a second one now. Woo-hoo - I'm burning it up. ha!

In other news...Caroline is on her second day of a cold. I'm feeling better, I had the stuffiness and throat problems. We've been hibernating in the house during this cold snap of 50's weather. We might venture out to Walmart tomorrow. Doesn't my life sound exciting? :)


jennifer said...

Cute layout! I did a 2 page layout yesterday too! Maybe there was some scrappin' mojo in the air! I did Jessica's 5th birthday. (I know I'm a little behind there) I'm trying to finish her birthday album by her birthday in Nov. I've already done #6 also so I just have 7 - 17. No pressure there! I need to do at least 3 layouts a week!

I'm sorry you two have been feeling bad! Kirsten is the only one sick here. Stay warm, and get better!

Sarah said...

Love it!! The white on black title and journaling really jumps out at ya! Great job Tracie!! Hope ya'll are feeling better soon!

Michelle Woods said...

Great LO Tracie! I hope to see you soon, we missed you on Saturday. When will you be at Scrap It this week?

Anonymous said...

I love that paper! I used it on a couple of layouts. It's sooooo thick! Cute! Cute! Cute! Layout:)

doris said...

great lo. love those pics of caroline in the jeep. too cute. :D

glad you're feeling better and hope caroline's better soon! :D

kellicrowe said...

now that song is SOOOOO in my head!
very cute love the polka dots and the big circle cut out!