Sunday, October 09, 2005

a picture a day

I've been taking a picture every day in October and I have to say - it's fun!! I love looking back and getting a little glimpse of our days. Today we decorated for Fall but the pics from that didn't turn out well. Luckily I snapped this cute one of Caroline at Blue Sky Buffet where we ate dinner. No, I didn't fix her hair that way...she pulls the headband down after I put it on her. She always does that.

I love how her eyes look in this picture. I don't know how clearly they show up in an online pic but this is a true version of her face. You know how sometimes you take a picture and you think, now that's really what that person looks like? This is it. I love that face, I can't help but smile when I see it. Catcha later!


jennifer said...

She is beautiful! I love your pictures of her. You do a great job of capturing all that is her! I also love the picture a day idea. I might try that during Nov. or Dec.

Michelle Woods said...

What a beautitul picture! What time should we meet you at Gentry's tomorrow? Call me.

kellicrowe said...

she is a beauty
and she has on a strawberry shortcake bracelet
this girl and i have some things in common
1. the not wearing a headband on top of her head
2. i also had quite the affection for strawberry shortcake, blueberry muffin, apple dumpling....

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn did the same thing with her headband. They grow up so fast. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday when Kaitlyn was 5, now she's 13 WOW. It makes me want to cry. On a lighter note, Caroline looks so sweet in this picture!