Tuesday, October 18, 2005

what's the best time to take a picture outside?

Do I have any photography experts reading this blog? How about all my super-talented friends? (You know who you are. heehee) I need to figure out how to get a great picture outside with the right light. Sunday, I took pics of Caroline outside. It was around 5 pm and the sun was setting. I had her turn toward the light so I could get light on her face but then she said it was hurting her eyes. She always says that. When I had her turn away from it, I didn't get the look I wanted! So how do people get these great outdoor shots without the sun-in-the-eyes problem? Help!!! I am determined to get some great shots this Fall!

PS - I like this shot and I got some other great ones but it's not the light I wanted.


Anonymous said...

Great picture Tracie. I am a big fan of using my fill flash for outdoor pics. My camera is still very new to me and I'm trying all these new settings but seems that my best results have been the outdoor shots using the fill flash. Have fun playing around with your camera and enjoy the time with your precious daughter.

Tonia in Cleveland

jennifer said...

Love this shot! I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you! I always thought that just before sunset was a great time. Courtney always says the sun is too bright too, no matter what the condition! Hopefully someone will have some good advice!

TracieClaiborne said...

I usually do use my fill flash but I want the natural light look. I see people get it all the time. Should I be getting down lower so they look down?

Sarah said...

Is there a time of day? I have had good luck around dusk or just before when the sun is not directly overhead. My best au naturale photos happen on overcast days...then it doesn't matter what time of day it is. Clouds are a huge light diffuser. Makes the perfect situation for photo taking.

Good luck!

doris said...

yep. overcast days. early morning and late afternoon. using the fill flash eliminates the catchlights you're trying to get using natural light. i get the best pics of gabriel where there's some sort of natural reflector. like playing in the water or sitting in sand. with caroline being older, maybe you could experiment w having the sun on one side of her and a artifical reflector on the other. i've heard of people using the metallic sunshades that are made for the front windows of cars . . . one time i used a shiney white crib mattress at g's school . . . i think there's some stuff in dw photography. i'll have to get it off carrie . . . she borrowed it eons ago . . . and check for you.

caroline's a cutie as always! :D

doris said...

oh goodness. i just saw your other comment about looking down. i usually try to get on eye level w whoever i'm taking a picture of. i get a better angle that way . . . and it might just help w the sun in the eyes problem too! :D

TracieClaiborne said...

I need that DW photo book! I forgot all about it!


Hey - glad you're back!

Christy B said...

Still a cute picture, but I know the look you're going for. I usually get it when I'm least expecting it. Luck I guess. Emilee is good about looking into the sun, luckily she's not too senstive. I've got a shot or two I'll have to upload on my site for you to see. BTW, I always try to shoot at eye level.

kellicrowe said...

my kids ALWAYS say the sun is bugging them
cloudy days work best for me
but i am not good at pics
so there you go:)