Tuesday, November 01, 2005


We'll be eating this candy for weeks. I've already had two kit-kats and a almond joy. Yum.


jennifer said...

I cannot believe how much candy the girls got! I commented on my blog about it. No doubt, they are happy! Great pic!

AMankin said...

Darling Hallooween picts!!
Happy November :)

stephanie said...

Looks like you guys had a successful night! Love almond joy.

We had a horrific rainstorm hit at about 5pm and dropped the temps into the 50's. So at about 6pm, I hurriedly dressed Emma in her orange and black stripey pants and her cany corn t-shirt and off we went to four houses and came home with 17 pieces of candy. And can you believe not a single piece of chocolate???? The nerve.
Sooo glad the costume we intended to wear was a borrowed one! :)

Adorable costume on Caroline. She looks like such a sweet princess.

kellicrowe said...

you crack me up
she is sooo cute!
i want that costume:)
usually when people refer to me as snow white it is about my pale-osity:)
that name again is kellicrowe

doris said...