Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Busy, busy, busy!

I have more things to do today than I have time to do them in. I need to clean house, go to the post office and bank, then decorate my Den tree and put my garlands up on the mantels and staircase. I also need to make fudge to take to Thanksgiving dinner at my Mother-in-law's. I'm ready for some turkey!!!!

Okay so I know this isn't exciting to blog about but I think blogs are really only interesting if you update them every day. Who wants to keep checking a blog every day only to find nothing there, right? So thanks for checking! What are YOUR Thanksgiving plans?


Chelle said...

Good luck on your plans! We get to go to a friends house for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to it. I just hate to be alone for the holidays. But it's much better now that we have children.

Are you going to brave the After Thanksgiving sales? I might hit Toys R Us.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just checking out your blog :) Our Thanksgiving plans are to go to my moms house and enjoy some turkey of course... I am making a big breakfast in the morning for my family and then we will head over to my moms house (only a 7 minute drive) after my son Matthew's after lunch nap :) Have a Happy Turkey Day! Blessings!

jennifer said...

I am posting on "the day". We are in between meals at the moment. We had lunch with my father's family. And we will eat dinner with Mark's family at about 5:00. It's a day for pigging out! Kirsten is taking a nap so I am trying to finalize my Christmas list and make a stratigic plan for some shopping tomorrow. I have to have a strict plan for this day or I will get distracted and not get what I want!