Thursday, November 03, 2005

A few reader notes...

I loved hearing all your comments about hymns! Apparently we all agree that we love them. :)

And now a few all my anonymous blog commenters - please put your name after your little comments so I can tell who you are since it just says "anonymous". Thanks!!!!!

Attn: Renee Graham - I'm a dork - I totally lost your e-mail again. Please e-mail me at when you can!!! I miss you woman!

Attn: Christy Burch - Your blog is password protected on the comments. I check it often and would love to comment. Do you realize this or is it by accident? I didn't have your e-mail, sorry!

More's late, I have work tomorrow. Smooch!


Sarah said...

LOL! Add me to the list of people reading your blog, Christy Burch. I've been wanting to know how your craft shows went.

Happy Friday,
Sarah Devendorf

stephanie said...

Just so you won't think I'm such a rude person who doesn't reply to comments left on my blog,
I'll have to save your email addy to outlook, since I have no idea how to reply to comments left on my own blog.

Is it me or is Blogger not the most user friendly format?

Have a super weekend, friend!