Monday, November 14, 2005

Good news and bad news...

Well the good news is, Caroline doesn't have strep. She has a viral infection. The bad news is, we waited an hour and a half just to see the dr. and then by the time I got home, cleaned, got groceries, cleaned again (Mike cooked so I had to clean all over again, ugh), did laundry and now here I am...I didn't have any time to enjoy my life! We didn't even do school today. I guess she deserves a sick day. We missed our homeschool group activity day - bowling. She was disappointed. Me - not so much. I was kinda dreading it. She's so little still to try and bowl.

I'm working tomorrow. I'm going to eaves-drop on Jenni's class tomorrow night. heehee It's all about sparkle on your pages. Hope you had a nice Monday!


Michelle Woods said...

Peyton was invited to a birthday bowling party a couple of months ago and I was kind of dreading it to. I was thinking how the heck are a bunch of 5 year olds going to bowl! Well we had a lot of fun. They have special way light balls for them and they put up these rails that prevent the ball from going into the gutter. It really was fun!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh! That makes me feel better! Thanks! I did promise her we would go to make it up to her.

stephanie said...

Poor Caroline and poor momma, too.
Hoping life is returning to normal. But I guess it is since ya had to come home and clean after hubby cooked dinner! :(

We skipped a bowling party, too. Still not sure about 3 and 4 year olds and bowling alleys. The closest one by our house is just downright creepy looking. Not what I remember as a kid, that's for sure!

Any cool stuff you, um, heard at Jenni's class last night and can share with us?


BTW, I would have eaves-dropped, too!