Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Poor Martha

I just went to Kmart to get some red ribbon ornament hangers that only they sell (same ones I bought last year). The Martha Christmas stuff was very lovely. I got some delightful polka-dot ribbon to replace the crappy bow I made this afternoon. It's headed for the trash. (There goes $4.) I absolutely love anything made by Martha Stewart's company. I just feel really bad for her that way back in the day, Kmart was the store who approached her to work with them. That place is a wreck!!!! If she could have only held out for Target - she would get way more of my money. I mean it. I absolutely detest shopping at Kmart. It is the most unorganized, messy, depressing place I have been in a long time. I noticed tonight, their aisles don't even have signage!!! I'm spoiled by Walmart. Every aisle has a clearly marked sign. I just look up to find what I need. Kmart? Nada. Nuttin'. I had to just go up and down every aisle searching. Were there people who worked there I could have asked? Nope. Not a one. I really don't see how they stay in business. I could count one one hand the people shopping in there. Compare that to Walmart the night before Thanksgiving. There would be hundreds of people! Oy. Poor Martha.


jennifer said...

I totally agree! I love Martha's products there but do not like going there. Is the one in Goodlettsville any better? I don't think I have ever even walked into that one! I've been meaning to check out her Christmas stuff there. I also use her ribbon ornament hangers!

Anonymous said...

No the one in Goodlettsville is trashed too! I don't care for KMart either...the only reason I go there is for Martha's stuff. Went there a few weeks ago for wrapping paper.
Hope you had a good Turkey Day!

Sarah said...

You are right on girl. I'm surprised Martha has stuck with KMart for so long. Maybe the KMarts in her part of the country are different...or something. Do they have KMarts in Connecticut? LOL!

For all the heat she takes for perfectionism her designs are truly cool.

stephanie said...

We don't even have a Kmart in Texas anymore....gotta head east to Louisiana to buy any Martha goodies.

I'm with ya on the Target idea.
She would so rock the retail socks off if there ever was a partnership.