Sunday, November 13, 2005

Two new layouts...

I'm working on three layouts today. Two were almost done. I started this one ages ago. Soooo glad it's done! It uses my new favorite thing, K&Company Tags To Go. Used my Heidi Swapp letters in the little black box - had those for what seems like forever. Foofala paisley paper and Creative Imaginations blue strips. I mixed in a 2nd Avenue heart.

This one is a DT assignment using PaperLoft stickers. I think it's finished. This might be the first layout I've ever done without a definitive title. It doesn't really seem finished although I've added and taken away until I'm blue in the face. I like my 3 flowers as accents. I thought about putting the letter "u" in pink on the picture but it kinda blended in. Can you think of how I could add a title or is it fine as is? I want it to be great, not fine.

I'm working on a DT Doodlebug assignment tomorrow, I'll post it tomorrow night. Caroline is sick with a sore throat so we're off to the Dr. in the morning. Ugh.


DeniseG said...

Beautiful! The photos are so cute and I LOVE the tags. You do such an awesome job matching your paper to photos. Happy scrappin'.

Sherri said...

this is awesome!!! and definitely stepping out of your box a bit! the tags look great!

TracieClaiborne said...

Does anyone think the top layout looks too much like anything else you've seen? Lisa McGarvey had a layout with a big thick elastic cord with ribbons and MAMBI threads all the way down it (called Thankful). I think it inspired me on this one but it's definitely not a scraplift. Should I worry about that before submitting? She inspires everything I do right now!

Chelle said...

That Face! IT is perfect the way it is!

Christy B said...

I think the bottom layout is great!I can't think of anything that you could add to make it any more great!

The top layout, hmmm, there are so many layouts with design similar to this that I wouldn't be able to say where it came from. I don't think its a scraplift, but your right inspired ..... by many!!!

doris said...

wow wow WOW! that top lo is so cute i can't stand it . . . all those little tags and ribbon . . . YUM! :D

stephanie said...

Love them both.

As far as scraplifting or whatever, there is such a blend of talent and ideas nowadays that it's awfully hard to have a completely original layout especially one without any element that has never been done before.

Heck, when I actually sit down and get scrappin', I've got the computer on with my BOS staring me in the face and dog-eared idea books a plenty.

I love both of them and my suggestion to you about the second one is leave it aside for a day or two, and then look at it again to see if you have anything new or different to add to it. Personally, I like it the way it is already!

Whew! That was the longest answer to your original question.....sorry to be so long-winded today!