Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ya'll ready for this?

I am! This is a picture of my main Christmas tree last year. I'm ready to put it up. I think I'll put it up a week earlier than usual which would be the week before Thanksgiving. I just bought my first ornament of the year - a glass Care Bears ornament. I collect glass ornaments. I absolutely adore them! This tree is filled entirely with them except for about 5. I have a smaller tree in the Den and a tiny tree in Caroline's room. I want to start a new ornament collection for my den tree - stuff like brightly colored snowmen and Santa. Fun, whimsical and hand-made looking ornaments.

So what does YOUR tree look like and when are you going to put it up!?


Barb Hogan said...

I put mine up the Saturday after T'gving. It's call "D day" around here, for decoration day. I'm a total b* for the day, but it's always worth it in the end!

doris said...

soooooo gorgeous! i can see why you just can't wait. :D

my tree is a hodgepodge of things i've collected since i was a kid. :D

btw . . . still have your pics saved! :D

jennifer said...

I am going to try and put it up the week after Thanksgiving. Jessica's Bday is the 27th so I usually wait until after that but I might do it early this year. I'm not sure where I'm going to put it - there is a bookcase in the corner it usually goes in! It is a collection of random ornaments. Courtney and Jessica each have a tree.

Michelle Woods said...

We are traveling for Thanksgiving and I want to get the artifical one up as soon as we get home. It has a lot of nice glass ornaments. Then I like to get a real one and it has all of my fun Hallmark ornaments and the ones that Peyton has made. Actually that will change this year...the real one will be downstairs (it will have to be skinny because this year we have an armoire in that room) with the glass ornaments and the fake one will be upstairs with the fun ornaments. My goal is to have everything except the real tree done by Dec 1st. We will see.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I put my first tree up this morning. I didn't decorate it just got it out of the box & sorted through the branches~to me that is the worst part. So one up and 4 more to go! Then the fun part~decorating them all.

Anonymous said...

Whoops~guess I should have read the other's comments before I posted! They probably will think I am a NUT!

kellicrowe said...

i am dragging mine up from the basement today:)
not decorating it yet
mine: the top looks like we have breakable ornaments
the middle and bottom looks like we have toys (lots of those character hallmark) on the tree.


Anonymous said...

Multiple much medication do you women take? Just kidding. I would love to have several, just would hate to have to sleep in the shed to make room for them.
We have one tree. It's white lights (after all of those years of insisting my mom use colored lights) with victorian colors. I do allow Page to have a garland in her room where she can hang her ornaments. I'm probably a bad mom cuz I don't buy her yearly bulbs, but what if she grows up and hates my taste????

Anonymous said...

Oh, Renee again. Thanksgiving weekend-up till the epiphany usually. This year I hope to have it down a week before I go into labor!