Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fun times!!

We had a crazy day yesterday. Started out at the Dr. for Caroline. Her sinus infection never went away. She's on a second antiobiotic so hopefully that'll do it. After that, we had to run a few errands before heading to our Homeschool Activity Day at the skating rink. It was our first time skating with the group and we absolutely loved it!! Caroline did much better than I thought she would and she loved it. She was really brave and got out there and even tried to go by herself. She only fell a couple of times and that was mostly on the carpet trying to just get from point a to point b, not actually skating. I hadn't skated in 20 YEARS so I was scared but I got out there and had so much fun! At first, I was very wobbly and didn't think I could ever go fast. Then I got really brave and just went for it. By the end, I was flying down the rink. I figured out I forgot how to go around corners but I can go in a straight line. Didn't fall once! I want to try and do this at least monthly because it was great exercise. My arms are sore today from Caroline's grip of death she had on me while I was helping her. ha!

After skating, I went to our "Mom's Night Out" homeschool group Christmas party. It was so much fun!!!!! We played this game where you tell three things about yourself, two are lies and one is the truth. Then everyone has to guess which one is true. We laughed ourselves silly. Here's a pic of our fun little group. These are the sweetest girls!!!!! I wish more Moms had come to the party because they really missed out. I have never been in such a group of people that I immediately felt comfortable with. They are all just so fun and encouraging. I want to get to know them all a lot better but I already love them! (L to R: Sharon, Chira, Mickie, Stephanie (it was her house), Misty, me, Donna, Karen, Carmen)

Happy Tuesday!


Christy B said...

Several years ago, Steve and I went skating (a new rink opened in Joelton) and I was sore for days. I can't remember falling, so I must not have, but I do remember every muscle hurting. It is a good work out!


jennifer said...

I lived on roller skates from about age 9 to 13! We had a roller rink here at that time. I would only go on Sunday afternoons because there was quite a rough crowd there on weekend nights. I owned my own pair of sneaker skates! I love it! So glad you had a good time!

Hollye said...

I can't wait until Kennedy gets older so that I can have a "little friend" to do stuff with! Looks like you had a blast!

stephanie said...

Looks like you two had a blast!

I remember going to the roller rink and skating to Jack be nimble.....boy howdy, have times sure changed!