Sunday, January 08, 2006

God rocks

I have been struggling with some things this week. Let's just say the Devil has been playing mind-games on me. I went to church this morning and actually challenged God to speak to me about what I have been feeling. I showed up expecting an answer from God and I don't really do that often about something specific. At the end of the service, we all gathered around the altar and Pastor Wes told us to turn to the person next to us and pray for them. The lady I had been sitting by this morning was standing next to me. I asked her if she would pray for something specific and told her what I had been struggling with. She prayed for me and it was like it was straight from God's mouth. Seriously, it was like I had a list of questions for God and He answered them with her mouth. Everything she prayed was exactly what I needed to hear and was SPECIFIC to my situation. Only God could have known that because I don't know this lady at all. We just happened to sit on the same pew this morning. Not by chance, I assure you.

Why am I telling you this? You might think that I am a religious nut by this point but I want you to know that God answers prayer. If you put yourself where He wants you to be, He WILL come through for you. I feel 1000% better today and have had bountiful joy and peace all day. If you are reading this and need something to change in your life, pray about it. Then ask God to work in your life and show you His will. He's listening. He proved it to me today.


Michelle Woods said...

Wonderful post Tracie!
I was good to see you Saturday. How did the Target hunting go? Oh and the post on my blog so made me laugh!

jennifer said...

That is wonderful! I love hearing stories like that. God is awesome and longs to be an intimate part of our lives. We just have to let Him in!

Anonymous said...

Yes HE is!

Man, you're always right on target for me. I knew there's a reason why I *met* you.


Chelle said...

That's so cool!