Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm finally back to scrapping

It has taken me a solid week but I finally have my house clean and all the laundry done and I'm getting back to what I WANT to do...scrapping! I did a layout last night and it came together very quickly. It was a redo. I did this one a couple of weeks ago but it wasn't right so I tore it apart and I like this one much better. It is more of what I had in mind. Sometimes I have to let things "gel" in my head before it comes to me. You can see it by clicking here. Now I'm off to do a birthday scraplift for a surprise on 2Peas!

Have a great day!


Jann Gray said...

Ok...I need an education....what is a scraplift?

I did start a blog myself...look at what you are doing to me.

As I mentioned before I LOVE this layout.

Am working to be BF # 37

Anonymous said...

Jann - You're cracking me up!

A scraplift is just where you look at another layout and then copy it. We call it a scraplift instead of a copy. Sometimes people copy the entire layout down to the very last detail but I usually change it up. It's just like being inspired by someone else. If you do that and post on 2Ps, you should always say "inspired by so and so" or "scraplift of so and so" just to give the person credit.

There are message boards on 2Peas and I know TONS of people on those because I've been posting there since 2002! So someone e-mailed me and asked me to do a scraplift of a particular person for their birthday. On this person's birthday, we're all going to post our lifts and say Happy Bday! Get it?

So fun!

Okay you're at least like #19 by now. heehee

Anonymous said...

Superb layout, Tracie.

Thanks for sharing it.

Jann Gray said...

Ahhhh...see I think I am getting to the Junior High level in my education. Thanks so much for taking time to educate me! I mean it. I feel like I am getting there by leaps and bounds!

You are so fun...I had a blast at the crop last night...just enjoyed hanging out with creative women who love the Lord -- HEY -- that describes you to a T! Have a great trip...try not to be overwhelmed....and get great ideas to share with us.

Safe journey....



Renee said...

This has been a long lonely week of not having a Tracie blog to read. Miss you.. and get to posting!