Monday, January 23, 2006


I have exceeding great joy tonight. My husband is home safe and sound from L.A. He has been there since last Monday. It has been a strange week, being here without him. I trusted God for his safety but still, when I heard his voice on the cell phone and knew he was back in Nashville, I started to cry tears of relief and joy. I don't think I've ever missed him so much. He is so precious to me and is the light of my life other than Caroline. I just had to pop on and say I'm so happy to have the other half of me home!

The trip was to the largest music show in the world, N.A.M., to launch a product for our business - Creation Audio Labs. It was a huge success. He met several music celebrities he has admired for years. He and his partners are excited about everything that happened. God has definitely heard our prayers and is blessing us.

Have a great Tuesday!


Jennifer Stewart said...

YAY! So glad he's home safely, Tracie :) I would cry also, lol.


Sarah said...

With the weather we've been having CA must have been an awesome place for him! Joal went to NAMM-Ca in Jan 1996 as a store buyer--I remember because I was pregnany with Julian. I have a photo of him playing a handmade guitar that was priced at 12K.

I'm glad he made it home safe and sound. If you are anything like me, the world just doesn't spin right when he's away.


Christy B said...

Glad he made it back safely.

BTW, your survey below cracks me up. I've read some of those thinking, I can't remember half that stuff .... I'm glad someone else can't either!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad he's back home safe and sound.

God is good, isn't HE?