Wednesday, February 22, 2006

God has worked a miracle

My cell phone is working again! Woo-hoo! Yee-haw!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
Seriously though.
It was washed in the washer.
It was very wet.
It died a watery death.
I prayed over it. (Yes, I'm serious.)
It sat around for a week.
Tonight I went to throw it away.
Just on faith, I turned it on to see what it would do.
It worked!!!
Everything worked!
It came back to life!
The screen goes on and off into darkness but
I can dial and receive calls and scroll thru numbers.

Life is good.
I no longer will have to use my old yuckville Nokia.
Praise the Lord!

I'm serious.

Me no have $100 to buy a new one.
Me po. (That's poor for all you city-folk.)
Rich in spirit, poor in cash. :)

Today is a good day. The dead hath arisen.

Stay cool!

PS - If you want to be blessed today, read my friend's blog entry from today (2/21) entitled "joy" - She is amazing. This gave me chills.


Jann Gray said...

I rejoice with you on the resurrection of your cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is awesome.

Thanks for your kind words, and pointing people towards my blog...I really hope it touches folks the way the whole experience touched me the first time I met Tamara...and the second time when God led me to scrap about it.

Have a blessed day...and make TONS of phone calls.

Love ya girl...had fun with you yesterday -- that was also a huge blessing,

Stay cool....

stephanie said...

Yaaaaay for the miracle of prayer!
Glad you're phone is working again.

Your comment about "being po" made me laugh hysterically. When we first moved to Houston, there was a restaurant chain called "Po Folks". It was soul food, which I found out the really hard way, I am NOT a fan of. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Too, too funny!
Glad it is working again.
Guess you will check your pockets a little closer from now on!

jennifer said...

That's great! Prayer does change things!

annie said...

praise the lord!!! (posted by doris who is visiting scrap it!) :D

Hollye said...

The second coming of the phone! That cracks me up! I am glad that it is working. I know what you mean about not having money. The money tree in my backyard DIED. Now we are Po'Folk too. There was a Po'Folks in Houston when we lived there and it was home country cooking. We LOVED it!

Renee said...

Oh sure, you can resurrect your REAL cell phone, but can I bring back Page's Disney phone that she took into the tub with her? Noooooooooo. I always knew Disney had some sort of Satanic plot base. After all, someone always dies in their movies...think about it.
Keep on Trucking...

TracieClaiborne said...

Stephanie - I am cracking up! You didn't like the food at Po Folks? Yum! I love it!

Barb Hogan said...

Oh fine. I washed mine and it remained dead as a doornail. What does that say about my faith? :-/

staceykingman said...

You and your phone are favored among women and phones.