Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi there! I hope you had a great Valentines Day - we did! I worked with Annie today and had a great time (we love to laugh) and then we went out to Cracker Barrel for Mike's 40th birthday celebration.

Caroline made us the sweetest Valentines. She made one for everyone in the family actually! Here are some cute pics of her opening her gifts this morning from us.

I will post my Valentines tomorrow. You won't believe how much the one I made for Mike looks like the one my sister made for Caroline! We didn't talk about it but they are the very same! It's FREAKY!!!

Goodnight! My sweet girl just said....
"Goodnight the cutest Mama I've ever heard or seen or been with and the nicest."

It doesn't make much sense but isn't she sweet? :)


jennifer said...

What a sweet girl! Thanks for sharing the pics and the quote!

annie said...

Yes she is sweet!
Sweetness doesn't have to make sense.
Such fun seeing our blog on your favorites.
I'll try to post soon - with instruction sheet in hand!