Sunday, February 05, 2006

inspiration everywhere

Note to reader: Mike and I are still sick, Caroline seems almost back to normal. Now here's a little bit about my trip.

My favorite thing about CHA was without a doubt, the layouts! There was inspiration everywhere and all with stuff I'd never seen before (of course!). My favorite layouts were in the 7Gypsies, Basic Grey and Melissa Frances booths.

Here's my favorite at the entire show (in the 7Gypsies booth) - they told me who did it but I am not familiar with her. I thought it was very Lisa McGarveyish. This person had other layouts in the booth that were equally fab. I'ld like to know her name. The booth was tiny and filled with antiques and completed projects. It was a tight squeeze but very inspiring. Their papers were probably my favorite at the show too. I know some of you are going "huh?" 'cause that's not normally my style but wait until you see these papers. They totally rock.

I could literally have taken up residence in the Melissa Frances booth. It was very shabby chic, painted, florals, romantic - just like I want my house to be. Here's my favorite layout from the Melissa Frances had this rockin' chipboard strip that was glittered and I love how she layered the flowers...definitely going to lift this soon. I saw my friends Robin Middendorf (gingham*grasshopper) and Rhonda Bonifay (mom2calyssa) there and we had so much fun chatting. They are just as sweet in person as online. We actually met Melissa Frances too!

Here's another shocker for ya...Basic Grey was one of my favorite things at the show. I think I've only bought about 2 pieces from them ever but this new line is a little less distressed so it called to me. The colors are divine! Here's my favorite layout from their booth by the fabulous Amy Howe. She did all the layouts I asked about. I've been a huge fan of hers forever anyway.

Here's a pic of Ann and me on the last day. We were delirious but happy. I didn't take near enough pics although I took about 200. You get so distracted when you're there. Next year, I'll take way more people pics. I'll try to add a few more later this week like some of the booths and Las Vegas. I just wanted to share these incredible layouts!

Here are a few more layouts...


Sherri said...

i love the layouts you put on here!! i am so glad you loved the 7gypsies paper, i had looked at it online and was loving it as well....i can't wait to see how your style is going to evolve over the next few months...i know you are ready now!!!
hugs, sure do miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

I will pray that you and yours are well soon. Glad you had a good time at CHA. Have to be honest girl, I am surprised at the fact that you are inspired by Basic Grey. Yes, they are not as distressed as previously. Saw these papers in a magazine a month ago and I have been filled with anticipation ever since. I'm not a fan of Melissa Frances, but this layout looks great. Have to check it out. Thanks for sharing. DeniseG

jennifer said...

Hey! So glad you are back and had a good time. So sorry you all are sick. This family was shut down last week. First me, then Kirsten, then Courtney (she missed 4 days of school) and then Jessica and Mark got a touch of it. I took Kirsten to the doctor on Monday and she tested positive for the flu so I'm guessing that's what we all had.
Thanks for sharing these layouts. They are great! Can't wait to hear more about it!
Hope you all feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of the show!

LOVE the one with the flower.

Hope you guys get to feeling better. It's no fun when the whole family's sick.

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

yay for you! very fun and exciting.
i know the ladies from Sassy Scrapper here are probably still recovering too! lol : )

Renee said...

Welcome Back! We missed you. We prayed for you and Caroline that as Page would say "dear God, make them feel better". I bet you can feel a healing power even as you read this! :)
Was gonna try to stop by tomorrow to see you, but Jack has a sniffle/stuffy nose. Nothing too major for a second child, but still...Love ya