Monday, February 27, 2006

a little bit of nothin'

Well...still no layouts to post. I had an icky day yesterday. Didn't sleep at ALL the night before but still went to church, out to eat, etc. I definitely wasn't thinking straight enough to scrap. Now today we're at a friend's house to play and tonight I'm going to another friend's to watch the Bachelor. Woo-hoo!! I hope he picks Sarah from Nashville!!!

Working tomorrow - can't wait to see the new stuff. Sorry so boring - more tomorrow!!

Stay cool!


Christy B said...

Sometimes boring is good! It means that life is normal, even, almost perfect! Take time to enjoy boring!!!

Oh yea ..... YEA Sarah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you thrilled that the bachelor chose Sarah from Nashville? I was so worried he'd choose the other girl and I just didn't think she was right for him. Thanks to you for convincing me that the Bachelor was worth watching -- this is the first time I've watched the entire season and I loved it!