Sunday, February 12, 2006

why I scrapbook

I don't know if anyone has seen this that didn't go to CHA but Chatterbox has this whole "why I scrapbook" thing going on and they have a book coming out about it. Today I made a page and while I was scanning it to post on Two Peas, I realized why I scrapbook. Because it makes me happy. I should say the completed page makes me happy. The process frustrates me sometimes but when I persevere and work thru the creative process, I usually do end up with something I'm proud of. If I'm not proud of it, I don't stop until I am. So every time I get frustrated and want to put off scrapping because I don't feel creative enough or original enough or like I have the time - I want to remember this happy feeling. The thrill of the completed page. It does it for me. There's one more piece of me recorded for eternity. That's pretty cool.

You can see the page by clicking here.

Ciao for now


Anonymous said...

Awesome LO, Tracie. Your page is just as beautiful as the scripture it is highlighting. What a great reminder to walk in love everyday.



P. S. It sure feels good to be online again. :-D

staceykingman said...

You know,
you've got me thinking.
I think that's why my layouts tend to get rather
I don't usually stop until I'm happy, either,
and sometimes that takes quite a long time!
So I just keep adding stuff...

Michelle Woods said...

Your LO is beautiful. I personally hope you will always scrapbook because I just could not imagine the scrapbook world without you in it!!

Jann Gray said...

I love that we talked about this on Friday -- and viola! it is. And beautifully, I might add. I really, really, really love it. Thanks for sharing your is a good one -- and continuously inspires me.

Love ya!

Jann Gray said...
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stephanie said...

What a great page and a timely reminder!

I just keep on scrappin' until I think it looks done. Never quite satisfied with the end product, but the story's been told.