Saturday, February 25, 2006

yeah, baby!

Do you know who this cutie is? It's me at three!! I love this picture.

For those of you who live near me - you know how I love to dance and act silly? (Remember the time I danced in front of everyone at a weekend crop to Busta Move? ha!) Well this picture seems so "me" to me. I wasn't doing "jazz hands" because I didn't know what that was but it's like I was showing off. I have always loved to have fun, dance and act silly. Not to be seen - just to have fun!

I decided the other day, I am going to do a layout called Your Mama Does Dance And Your Daddy Does Rock 'n Roll. Is that cute or hokey? I just got to thinking about how different we are as Caroline's parents vs. how my own parents were. They were about as straight-laced as you can get. No dancing allowed. No rock and roll. Not even country! My Dad had a copy of Ray Stevens The Streak and they caught me listening to it once and I got in trouble. It was d-i-r-t-y. That seems hilarious now. I wasn't allowed to listen to anything but gospel growing up. I still listen to mostly gospel music, especially around Caroline. We sing at the top of our lungs, lift our hands and march around the kitchen (am I scaring you yet?). But there is room in my life for some good ole rock and roll too. We listen to 70's rock, 80's rock, some light 90's rock - we fit it all in.

So I sing and dance and Daddy definitely rocks and rolls. Sometimes louder than the tv while I'm trying to watch Desparate Housewives. But that's another blog entry.... :)

Just thought I'd share some more random thoughts! I should have a layout or two to post tomorrow. I'm feelin' very scrappy lately. :)

Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I love that title Tracie! I so can't wait to see that lo! Tammy

jennifer said...

Oh, my goodness! You were such a cutie (and still are!). I love this picture and I LOVE that title idea! I think that is very cute! Get on that!

I thought that my parents were the usual ones growing up. They were divorced, my mother joined the army and my father was a drummer. Now I see that it was good to be different. Not saying you guys are different but it is great that you will be yourselves around Caroline and others. I love that about you! Keep it up!

And get on that layout. Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the layout you started last night; it's going to be great I know. Glad you're feeling scrappy too; I know how tough that can be.

What you said about parents is true for me in a slightly different way. I don't remember my parents ever having any friends of their own. They didn't have people over, go out with other couples, have parties or anything. Eric and I do all those things, though I usually meet my friends instead of having them over. It makes me sad to think they didn't have friendships in their young lives, and it makes me more appreciative that I do. Love you girl!

Tiff (p.s. I updated my blog too.)

Jann Gray said...

I think I have seen those "jazz hands" on you recently...and that they looked like they belonged!

I think in general, our generation have become much more transparent with our kids than our parents ever were. For some reason they thought it would "damage" our lives to know what the "real world" was like. I found that because I was so sheltered I was pretty unprepared for what things were really like...good and bad.

I love that you share who you are with your daughter...and I want to join in the kitchen singing...let me know the next time that is on the schedule -- *smile*

Love you my friend...cute at three...cute at thirty....uhemmmm....

Anonymous said...

I didn't recall that your hair was that light (was thinking it was darker). But what a cute pic of you -- I love those "jazzy" hands, too. LOL

I'm sure you and Caroline have such fun together. I think you'd be the type mommy that any little 5yo would love. I wish my mom would have cut loose like that and danced and acted silly with me.

Dad and I did listen to music together (mainly pop music on the radio), but mom mostly thought that was noise. She didn't like the radio or anything. She did love C. Swift's singing, though. I recall her humming those church hymns he used to sing while she washed dishes. :-)

Well, I'm waxing all nostalgic on ya'. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. And don't forget to get on that LO you mentioned while your feelin' sooo scrappy. That title just about cracked me up! And yes, you MUST use it, 'cause it's sooo you, Ms. Jazzy hands. teehee

Love ya, girlie!

doris said...

oooooooooooh! what a great layout . . . can't wait to see it! get busy! tammy says it needs a lot of funk in it. :D

Hollye said...

I LOVE the picture! Why haven't you ever danced when I was around? I love to dance. I love to sing too, but I can't sing well at all. I sing and dance for Miss K on a daily basis. She always laughs. I just wonder if she is laughing at me or with me?

Anonymous said...

Hey you! I didn't know that you had a blog... I was SO happy to find it! Wow, homeschooling now? I'm intrigued!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and that photo of you looks SO much like your Miss Caroline! Adorable!

I'm glad to 'find' you again!


Sherri said...

Tracie, you are so have danced more than once in my presence and it is so darn entertaining.
The layout idea is very cool, not hokey.
And last but not least I bust out laughing everytime you sign off stay cool. Ha

staceykingman said...

Don't you know that you are THE ONLY ONE who gets to decide if something is cool for your own layouts? You were definitely very cute.

Chelle said...

Do the layout...I LOVE it!

You make me smile.

kellicrowe said...

you are too cute
not too hokey
and love the jazz fingers:)

Renee said...

So this would be "Tracie, 1974!" Jazz Hands Jazz Hands

(as in "Jack 2000" Just Jack) Get it? Get it? Get it?