Saturday, March 04, 2006

organized bliss

I am in a state of organized bliss right now with my new SMOKIN' Tote-ally Cool tote by AMM! I got it today and it has made my day. Forget that, it made my week!!! I didn't think it would really hold all that much or change my life in any way. Wrong!!! I emptied out 2 or 3 drawers and filled this little goodie up. I am so happy! Now I can have all my essentials at my fingers while I scrap. I even put stuff I always need but don't have nearby. It's so easy to pull things in and out too. That made me love it more. Now I am going to put this on a little stool by my desk and have access to everything. There's even a little drawer that pulls out on the bottom! I'm going to put a plastic case in the middle with small embellishments. I probably have one somewhere in my messy closet!

We got in a shipment of these at Scrap It but they are SOLD OUT. If you are interested, they are $29.99 and we can order you one. I'm tellin' ya - it's AMAZING!!!! Here's what I put in it...

2 boxes of glue dots
mono-tombo liquid glue
diamond glaze
KI gloo
2 hole punches
corner rounder
3 pair of scissors
2 sanding pieces
everything in my MM metal tool kit (eyelet kit, etc.)
like 8 pens
2 exactos
coluzzle knife
ink pad
blade runner
water pen
red eye pen
paint brushes
2 kinds of glitter
scotch double sided tape
removable scotch tape
photo cleaning cloth
needle and thread
baby powder
2 grease pencils
scoring blades
several extra trimmer blades
3 different adhesive dispensers
popsicle sticks for rub-ons
watercolor pencils
setting pad
and there's room for more, especially in the middle where my trimmer is!

I'm so excited, can ya tell? Just had to share my excitement. I LOVE to organize!


Anonymous said...

i have you on one of the blogs i check and i saw your awesome total-ally cool tote. i am going to call ann at scrap it on monday to see if i can get one. i want the black and kiwi one. also i am going to check your list of what you put in it and fill mine up too. fay

Anonymous said...

I think I started a trend at Scrap It girl! I'm so glad you love your tote. I told you how much I loved mine when Eric got it for me for Christmas. It's just so easy and organized and such a yummy color. I think I need to work on starting another trend, don't you? LOL!


Jann Gray said...

I got mine today too! Although I didn't get home tonight in time to fill it -- that will have to wait until after church tomorrow! However, I LOVE this list -- it will help me prioritize and organize as I put mine together. I am doing the happy dance with you. And Tiffany -- you are WELCOME to start any kind of trend that gets Tracie and me BOTH this excited. You go girl!

Love ya....have a great day

annie said...

You are toooo funny!
Everything but the kitchen sink!
It was fun to have you visit yesterday.
Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how much stuff you put in there! wow! that is very cool and it's PINK, my fave!

Anonymous said...

I love mine too! I just don't have half taht stuff in there! I better get packin'! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I think you forgot to list the kitchen sink!

The bags are super popular at Memories, too.

I was on the fence about getting one until I saw yours and what you have in it.


jennifer said...

How very cute! Man, I can't believe you put all that in there! Love the color also! If I actually could go to crops, I might need one of these!

Anonymous said...

You have a blog??!!?? Why didn't I know this? Glad I found you, and so glad you're gonna make me buy that tote.

Anonymous said...

Tracie, that is the cutest thing! I'm amazed that is holds that much stuff! Can't wait 'till Ann gets more of them. :-)