Friday, March 03, 2006

perception is reality

Do you ever look at your stash of scrapping supplies and sometimes get bored with it all? There's so much NEW, NEW, NEW all the time that sometimes that piece of paper I bought two weeks ago seems so out of it. You hoarders know what I'm talking about!!!! I love me some latest and greatest as much as the next gal, I mean I do obsessively check our new store blog to see what comes in every day. However, I also want to love what I already own. I don't want to feel like if I use a Susan Branch sticker from 4 years ago that everyone will go - OUTDATED, OUTDATED! and burn me at the proverbial scrapbooking stake. Okay that was dramatic but you get it, right?

I have a favorite saying - perception is reality. Sometimes what we think is only what we think because we haven't thought of it any other way. Hmmm....that was confusing. So if I think some of my supplies are outdated it's only because I think that or my peer group thinks that. In reality, all I need is enough talent to make them look fresh, up to date and well-placed on a page.

Enter Erin Lincoln. She's the girl that has given me a new perspective on scrapping lately. Her new book, Supply Savvy is MIND-BOGGLING!!!! Do you have it? Get it! She challenged herself to create 100 layouts (100!) using only her current stash. Wow. That got me excited about seeing what she came up with. I have to say, not one layout looks "so four years ago" or anything but wonderful. She even used plain ole die cuts but they WORK! She mixed new with old. It all just works. She is a design genius. It's like since I've read this book, I look at everything I own in a new way! I look at it and see POSSIBILITIES now instead of just stuff sitting there. This book is INSPIRING in every way.

I thought the book was definitely worth blogging about. I just finished reading it today for the second time. It is going in my top-five favorite idea books of all time list.

Just had to share!!!!


Amanda said...

So I was like on here 2 seconds ago and back post! I miss seeing you and hope to get down that way next week. I was so hoping to come to the store today, but it isn't looking promising for me today.

Christy B said...

Wow! Thanks for the book review. I've seen the book and thought about it, but wasn't really sure what it was about. I really like Erin, read her blog, even. Thanks again. Your review gets me excited about it.


jennifer said...

I really need this book! Why can't I come up with this stuff on my own? This very topic was what was going through my head when I was at the store the other day. I want to say to myself, "you cannot buy anything else until you use most of what you have". I can't wait to see this book and see how she does it. I agree that it is all perception. I need to pull out my paper stash and pretend I just bought it all (except for those really ugly pieces - those go in the girls craft stash!) and get excited about it.
Should we challenge ourselves to 10 layouts (or projects) using our current stash only? Can we do it? Do we want to try?

Anonymous said...

I love a book review. Will have to check that one out, but I FINALLY got my copy of BPS and I'm soooooo lovin' it. Can't wait for some time to meself this here weekend. Child is crying at my feet right now, maybe I should make him some dinner?
yeah, I think so.

Jann Gray said...

I heartily concur with your review! It is one of my favorites...I keep going back to it again and again...almost wishing I have some of the "old stuff" that she uses (being a new scrapper, I don't have some of the things that used to be in vogue). She is very creative and part of it is she just looks at an item for how it could be used rather than if it was currently acquired.

I would love to participate in a challenge to do 10 pages with stuff in my stash. I must confess that it won't keep me from running to Scrap It to see and perhaps purchase the latest...but I LOVE a challenge and this sounds fun. Are we on?

Anonymous said...

I love it when we scrappers find a book that gives such inspiration, ESPECIALLY one that inspires us to use our stashes. I totally understand what you are saying about how quickly something can become so-so to us that was just to-die-for the week before. LOL

Thanks for the review! I'll have to look for that book next time I get over to the store. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ok ...yeah...uh-huh! I wholeheartedly agree! I felt the same way after reading Erin's book! 10 layouts with old stuff? Not a problem...I'm in!

Anonymous said...


No book in sight at our store. Yet.

I was really hoping to hear it was gonna be one of those books that changes your perception (hee hee-couldn't resist) about the supplies we hoard, er, keep on hand.

Have fun with the book, you lucky, lucky gal!