Sunday, March 19, 2006

the secret to my mojo

Wanna hear a secret? Sshhh. Don't tell anyone. I have finally figured out how to get in the scrapping groove. In other words, get my mojo flowing. Yep, I've found the secret to my mojo. Here it is. Ready?

First of all, I don't stop working on a layout until I am happy with it. With each layout that I complete, my confidence grows. I say to myself, "self! you can do this!!" Now if I only do about one layout a month (like I did in 2005), I lose my mojo in between each layout. So before each layout I procrastinate, don't feel creative, think I'll never come up with anything good again, etc. HOWEVER, if the minute I complete a layout - I start another one...I keep that mojo flowing.

This is a huge revelation for me tonight!!

I'm not delusional. I know I'm no Jackie B. or Lisa McGarvey (my two favorite scrappers), however, I can be creative, I can do something that makes me happy and I can make it my own.

Now see if I didn't have this blog, I might not have ever come to this realization or be able to put this into words. Here's a layout (above) that I finished tonight, I'm already brewing up my next one in my head, I'm off to start it now. Those Heidi fuzzy-rub ons are calling my name.

Stay cool!


Michelle Woods said...

An aha! moment. Congrats! Keep those LOs coming baby.

Enjoy your rainy day today and hopefully I will see ya tomorrow.

jennifer said...

This is very cute! I love everything about it!

That is great that you have found a way to keep those juices flowing! I have found that once I get started, I can be fairly successful. The getting started is the hardest for me!

Anonymous said...

I just love it when the "mojo" gets a flowin'! Thanks for your creative insight!

Love the page of Caroline!

Renee said...

Is this yet ANOTHER toy for the previous posted storage ROOM of toys?????
She's too cute Tracie. We must get our little Diva's together soon!

Sherri said...