Wednesday, March 08, 2006

today was another great day

Hate to brag but I had another great day today. Jann, Annie and I had lunch and then visited a couple of local scrapbook stores. Annie hadn't been to another LSS in 3 years since she opened our store! I have to say, it was fun to see other stores but mostly I gained a new appreciation for just how awesome our store is. I love how light, bright and roomy it is. I'm glad I have somewhere fabulous to work and shop.

Came home, spent time outside with my girlie enjoying more beautiful weather. There's nothing more fun than seeing Caroline just enjoy being a kid and playing. She is radiant when she's outside. I love that.

I sat down and finished a layout for my March class, then I realized I forgot something! I was supposed to do an 8x8 layout as a surprise for my friend Melissa Deakin and post it on 2Peas on the 6th!! I quickly looked thru my scraps and put this together (we were asked to use a quote). I really enjoyed scrapping a square again. I think it's just so different from what I'm used to that it gets my creative juices flowing. I like this so much that I think I'll copy it in 9x9 for my childhood album and use a pic I have of my Dad (I'll change the theme from brothers of course).

Tonight I have just been lazy and enjoyed being at home. Tomorrow Mike is taking the day off so that will be nice.

Not much else to say - hope you're doing well!


Jann Gray said...

I just have to say, this was one of my favorite days I have had since moving to Nashville. I was with two totally wonderful women and we were out looking at scrapbooking stuff. Could it get any better?

I am SO glad that God has brought you into my life....what a blessing you are.

Have a great one...and I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

annie said...

I had such a fun day!
Way too short though.
It was great to be on your side of town.
Your home is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing the day with me!

jennifer said...

So glad you had another great day!

Love this layout! You are on a roll, girl! Send some of that mojo this way!

kellicrowe said...

at least you took ann when you went to the other stores
i was so going to tell on you