Monday, March 06, 2006

what an awesome day!

Today has been the best day. At our homeschool group this morning, Caroline won first place in the spelling bee!! I was so proud of her I thought my face would burst from smiling. She only practiced 2 or 3 times and she nailed it. heehee This is quite an accomplishment considering she never even speaks to anyone there. I was proud of her for being brave.

After that, we went to the library in the little town where we have our group mtg. It was a tiny library and they had computers set up right beside the children's books. I was able to get online and sit beside her while she happily (and quietly) read book after book. I used their fast connection to look at stuff I never get to see at home. Yee-haw! It was fun!

Then we went to Walmart and got groceries and she helped me and was good the whole time. Then we went outside and enjoyed this beautiful weather and the sunshine until it got chilly.

Finally I came in and did a complete scrapbook page in about an hour! (I know, you're thinking "what have you done with Tracie?") That might be a record for me. I had been thinking about it so it was in the works in my head. heehee It's my first page for my childhood album. I'm doing it in a new size...9x9. I think I'm going to like it! Here it is if you want to see... what a cutie and here's one I did last week and finished yesterday... me and here's another one I did Friday...friends I'm on a roll!

Hope you're having as good of a day as I am. Stay cool!


Jann Gray said...

You are more than "on a roll" -- you are SIZZLIN' Good night girl -- I love all of these layouts...and they are so in line with your goal for this year -- scrapping the stuff that is important. I am so impressed -- and PROUD!

Yes, yes, yes -- keep the ribbons on ME -- you can totally read it.

If I am not mistaken those are some of the vintage buttons we got....great use for them.

Hope you are well...sounds like you had a great day...have another one tomorrow. Love ya girl.

annie said...

Love all the layouts.
I hung up the Friends one today at the store.
Looks great!
Glad you had a good day.
See you tomorrow.

doris said...

wow! go caroline!!! that's SO awesome! :D

Christy B said...

Tracie - great layouts ... don't change a thing!!! I love your "What a Cutie" page! Very nice. I love the 8x8 size, but never tried a 9x9. Might have to venture into that for a special book (maybe wedding?!?!?) Where can you get a 9x9 album?

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Tracie! Your pages are all GORGEOUS! Sounds like you had a wonderful Monday. I'm so glad! :)


jennifer said...

What a great day!
Way to go, Caroline!

Love those layouts too! TFS!

Anonymous said...

okay, trying not to be jealous about how much you accomplished. did God somehow give you more hours in your life? don't be stingy, share some with me. hmmm, maybe if I didn't go to bed so darn early, I could actually find time to scrap something!

So glad you had such a lovely day! that rocks.