Thursday, March 02, 2006

why I scrapbook, reason #2

Reason #2: Because I don't know jack squat about my childhood.

See this picture? It is of me and my cousin, Gina. That much I know. I don't know how old I was, why I had a lunch sack instead of an Easter basket (on Easter). I don't know what kinds of things we hunted for, who all was at the gathering, what I liked to do at this age, and on and on.

This is actually one of the very few "holiday" pictures I have. I borrowed this slide from my Aunt Betty and scanned it in. Got a great print from it too. I have about 3 reels of slides but hardly any of them are holidays. No Halloween pics, birthday pics and I only have one or two pictures from Christmas my entire life. They are mostly just trees. I don't think I have ANY of me opening a gift. I do have one of my sister and me from Christmas where I had a Donny and Marie doll set.

So this explains my obsession with a) picture taking, b) holidays and making them special and c) scrapbooking.

Will my child appreciate the careful documentation of her life and the over-abundance of photographic images that represent her childhood days? Probably not. But I will!

Lately I've been asking myself - what would I like to have in a scrapbook about myself as a child? That's my starting point right now for layouts.

Do you have many holiday childhood pictures?


Barb Hogan said...

all of our holiday photos are just mug shots of people sitting around a table. Booooo-ring.

Jann Gray said...

You ask a really interesting question...and it got me thinking. When I was working on my "Sisters" book, I realized that there were actually very few pictures of us or of our family. A few formal portraits -- but as you say -- not many candid -- day-to-day life kinds of things.

I wonder if that were not part of our parents' generation? Kids were not the center of the family. Not that I think they didn't love us etc...but what we were doing on a day to day basis just wasn't the focus of the family. It revolved more around my father's job, our church life and my parents friends. That is not to say that I had an unhappy childhood (frankly, I don't remember large parts of it) -- but my sister and I were not the center of it -- ergo, no pictures.

Now, as a grandmother, my mother is entirely different. She wants LOTS of pictures documenting the growth of her grandchildren...and she wants them to remember the stories of their apparently some switch clicked. It is just kind of weird...and I hadn't really thought about it until you asked the question.

Cute picture of you and your cousin. If it makes you feel any one of the few pictures I found of me and my sister at easter -- she has an easter basket and I am carrying around a bread basket! (perhaps that explains my love of carbs rather than protein!) *smile*

Love ya girl...have a great day

Christy B said...

My mom has lots of pictures of me. She's alway been really good at taking pictures. Of course, they are in shoe boxes, but one day, REAL SOON, she's going to have the job of going through them and putting them in a book for me. That way she can date them or event them and I can scrapbook them!!!

I sorry you don't have more pictures. My DH is the youngest of 3 and there are NO pictures of him except sporting pictures.


jennifer said...

I'm right there with ya! I have some birthday pictures but they stop at about age 9. I think I have a few at Christmas. Not much more! Unfortunatly, my mother can't fill in the blanks. I sat her down once to try and it was not a pretty sight! Since my parents divorced when I was young, my father doesn't know about what was going on when I was with my mother, and visa versa.

I agree with you 100%! I want my girls to have as much info as possible.

I also agree with Jann in that I think it was a generational thing. I think my parents were just too busy to think about it!

Very cute pic, BTW! TFS!

Michelle Woods said...

My mom has photos of me at the major events in my life. But I can not think of one picture of just a regular day.
Maybe another part of it was the cost was so much more then. Now you can buy cameras for a little bit of nothing and if you have digital you can even print your own.
My scrapbooks are going to be totally priceless to me as my boys get older. I already love going back and looking at the pages, I can only imagine how much I will enjoy it when they have moved out of the house and I am no longer the most important person in their lives.
I do wish there were more pictures of my childhood. I enjoyed it so much I would enjoy reliving it through pictures.

kellicrowe said...

I have met jack squat (you said you didn't know him) and he is fairly unimpressive
just fyi
I have very few pics of me too
my FAVE is of me and my Barbie Dream house
Loooooooved that house!
I would slide into it...I couldn't moved and it was just my head...but I was IN IT
careful about taking your homeschooled shild out during school hours...someone may call DEEEEEEEfax on you:)
please note...I do not intend to change it on the blog:)

Sherri said...

aw Tracie, that is kinda photos. :o( I guess you can make up for it somehow with Caroline's albums.
My mom has the pictures of me as a child and there are plenty although I think there could always be more. :o) I was much cuter and skinnier then...better photo material than these days!

Sarah said...

I suppose I am blessed to know that there are bunches of photos of my childhood in my mother's's the fact that they are neatly stored in those awful magnetic albums that grieves me. I've "borrowed" a few but for the most part, anytime I bring up transferring them to a safe environment, my mom says "You can do that when I am gone...". Hate that. They are organized and dates but I can't bring up the subject without getting shut down...and I can't begin to think of the day when my mom is "gone"...

Good for you for giving Caroline the choice. Maybe she won't be interested until she has babies of her own...or whenever...but at least she will have the option.


Renee said...

I think you need to do a page titled..."Me. When I was Blonde and why don't I remember these times?" I think I know what was in your brown sack, missy!
Seriously, as the youngest of EIGHT kids, the photos are kinda slim by the time I came around. The ones I do have show a very chunky me sitting on my sister Sheryl's lap. When I ask why it was always her...the reason??? "I'm the only one who could lift you"
You have inspired me to scrap that page! YOU, TRACIE, are my muse! Thanks to Doris for making that my word of the week.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you and Gina look sooo cute in that pic! You said you weren't sure on your age, but I would guess maybe 2 or 3 yo? Regardless of age, you both were just full of cuteness that day! LOL :-D

Seeing you hunting eggs with that little paper bag reminded me of something...

My dgma (Nellie) would give out little paper bags like that with treats in them at Easter. And she would give them to little ones when they hunted Easter eggs at her house, or sometimes when she helped out at the church's egg hunt. I remember that she was always sooo worried that the children would drop their eggs out of a basket. So, I guess putting them in a lunchbag was a 'safer' way to hunt eggs in her mind, LOL! (She was such a precious soul -- I miss her terribly!)

As for candid or holiday pics of me during childhood, there aren't that many floating around that I'm aware of. My mom didn't take many snapshots of me until I was about 11 when I got my own instant Polaroid camera (it was a gift). After I was grown, I asked her why we had almost no pics of me and she said, "pictures were just too expensive back then." I've heard that from others, too, and I believe a lack of photos must be generational for that time period. Of course, I never understood why my aunts had a few photos of me in their albums when I didn't have any. Guess they decided to splurge on buying/developing film? I really don't know the answer. LOL

On the other hand, my dh's mom took tons of photos of my dh and his sister during their childhood. She took so many pics that they would tell her please no more photos (I don't believe this was the norm, though). She had worked for a photographer tinting B&W photos, so maybe that inspired her to take more photos of her family. She is one in a million, for sure!

Documenting our ds's life in photos has become very important to me. I believe it's a backlash effect because there were so few pics taken of me when I was little. And besides, what would I do if I didn't have photos of him to scrap, KWIM?


annie said...

OK - So I do have a lot of pictures of me and my whole family.
I was really glad that I have them now since Mom and Dad are both not here.
When they died my brothers and I sorted throught the albums and boxes and shared them between us.
Mom loved to take pictures.
We have tons of slides and pictures from their travels and friends.
My oldest brother and I also loved taking pictures. We still do.
Maybe that is why scrapbooking is so meaningful to me.
I feel very blessed having all of these memories.
My mom used to hide eggs every
Easter morning for us to hide.
One of my favorite pictures is of me finding them with curlers in my hair and my Easter dress on before church.
Can you picture it?!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Thanks for keepin' it real, man!

Stay cool :)