Friday, April 28, 2006

a-ha moment #834

So now that I've recuperated from lack of sleep and stomach yuckies, I can look back on the classes I took last weekend in AL and go, "hey - that was pretty cool." After taking Cathy Z's classes, I came home and read her new book, Clean and Simple Scrapbooking, The Sequel. It's incredible! Even better than her first one. While reading it and thinking back on my classes at the event, I had an a-ha moment...

She said "It's not REASONABLE to think you're going to scrapbook every picture you take." I'm taking this a step further and saying to myself, "Self! It's not REASONABLE to think you're going to scrap every picture you WANT to scrap or that you think is SCRAP-WORTHY!"

I take loads of pictures. The ones I keep are all pretty darn good thanks to my digital camera. I get this idea in my head that if the picture's good - I should scrap it! NOT POSSIBLE! I take too many good pictures and I only have so much time to scrap. Even though I'm way past caring about being "caught up" - I think I have been subconsciously pressuring myself to scrap all my photos that are good. That's pretty much all my photos. TOO MUCH PRESSURE! No more. I've made a list of the things I WANT to scrap about. Those things that are truly important to me, the things I want to scrap now. I have been scrapping just for the sake of scrapping. You know, just to play, have fun, use pretty paper, etc. That would be okay if I didn't have anything important to scrap about but I do! There's a lot I have to say that hasn't been said! There are things I wish I knew about my Mother when she was my age - I want to scrap those things about myself! Cathy also said, "you have just enough time to scrapbook the things that matter most to you." Man, I love that woman!

So I've started a list of what's important to scrap now. I will be taking pictures for some of these and some I have pics that I can use.

- our town (after the tornado, I realize how sad it is that I don't have pics of our neighborhood, I want to remember how much I love this town and how it looks now)

- Caroline playing with her toys (too many of our pics are staged and don't show real life, I need real life)

- Mike's business that he co-owns with 3 partners: Creation Audio Labs - I want to show how the office looks, what he does and who he works with - I would LOVE to have pictures of my Dad at the office

- my scrapbook store, where I work, what I do, why I do it

- our church, our pastors, even what we believe

- grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and their homes

- our favorite places to go

- more pictures of Mike and me together - how we met

- more family pictures: Mike, Caroline and me

- pics of all my friends and all Caroline's friends

- what things cost, receipts

- our daily schedule

While I'm doing the important layouts, I'll still be having fun playing with all my pretty stuff. Doesn't this make sense? I really want to stick to my guns on this one.

Any other suggestions? If you could take a peek at your life when you were 5 1/2, what would you like to know? What's important to you NOW? I'd love to hear!


Chelle said...

When I was 5 1/2, I had about 8 girlfriends in my neighborhood. And we would go to the house who made KRAFT Mac n Cheese for dinner. One girl's Mom used something other than Kraft and we never wanted to go back to her house. My Mom said she was smart!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your post on Two Peas I ordered CZ's book. Now I can't wait! I love your list and I'm going to think of my own now. That is so true about good pictures, though. I feel the same way...that I have to scrap them. Thanks for pointing this out. It's funny how I don't really think about stuff till someone else mentions it.

Renee said...

Here's something special I have done for Page since she was a baby-I buy the number one children's book for the day she was born. I do this each birthday and by the time she has kids she'll have an awesome collection of books from "back in her day". Plus, I write something in each book. I've thought about doing a scrapbook of just her and her books. Anyhoo...thought I'd share my idea wit ya!

Anonymous said...

Man, that CZ class sounds amazing.
I sure hope we get her second book in the store soon. :)

I love you ideas about what to scrap about. That's one of the many reasons I just sorta flounder and don't get much done.

As for what I would want you to know when I was 5 1/2 would be who my friends were, my hobbies and interests....that sorta thing.
Oh and things about that year like you mentioned-prices, events, etc.

Hmmmm. Me thinks you might've started something for me!


jennifer said...

I think your list of topics is great! I'm going to have to think on this wavelink and see what I come up with.

As far as pics I wish I had: Me and my childhood friends; the houses and the rooms in the houses I've lived in over the years; my toys; a list of all the books I've read (I've started this one); me and my cousins growing up and pics of the classrooms I attended.

Great post!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oooh I like the books idea - thanks!

Christy B said...

Hey Tracie... this is a great idea. I have so many pictures (was actually trying to organize them this weekend) and I kept looking at them thinking "I can't possibly scrap these all". I pulled out my favorite shots of DD to use in a special book, but those everyday birthdays, friends, grandparents, etc, wow I gotta lot of them! You've hit the nail on the head ... or should I say Cathy Z inspired you to hit it!!!

See ya soon!