Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday stuff

I've really been trying to take time out today and yesterday to remember Jesus' suffering and death on the cross. We had a wonderful Good Friday service last night and just took time to worship and praise God for His sacrifice. My best friend, Tiffany, went with me and I think she really liked it. I hope so. Everyone kept asking us if we were sisters. She said, "I should just get a sign that says 'no we're not sisters'!!" She's so funny.

Today we went shopping. I have tried in vain to find a new outfit for Easter. I just can't seem to find anything that looks right. I have gained about 10 lbs. since last Summer and I must lose it and more besides! My sister (my real sister, LOL) is on Weight Watchers and I think I'm going to count points with her without signing up with WW. She's going to tell me how many points I can have and such. I guess I'll wear last year's Easter outfit because I've only worn it once since so no one will notice. I didn't go to church last Easter, Caroline was sick with a horrible cold. Remember how cold it was? Our weather is so crazy - now it's almost 90 here!

I just tucked my girlie in to sleep - now I am going to go downstairs and put her Easter basket together. It is one of my favorite things to do all year. I just love placing and arranging everything and tying it all up with a big bow and cellophane. I can't wait to see her face when she sees that I got her a Swift Heart Rabbit - the ONLY original Care Bear Cousin she doesn't have!

I hope you have a happy Easter and take a moment to remember our Savior. I will post pictures of Caroline in her beautiful dress tomorrow and her basket. Take care all!


doris said...

hope you all had a wonderful easter. :D

jennifer said...

I realized this morning that I didn't stop long enought this weekend to really reflect on God's gift to us.

It is really humbling to think about this awesome, powerful God who made the universe loves me so much to give the most precious part of himself so that I can be saved. Amazing Grace indeed!