Sunday, April 09, 2006

thank you Ben Franklin

We finally have power again. It is so good to be home. I definitely take electricity for granted but I will try to remember to thank God for it daily. Basically, without it, I would have no life. No ice, no dishwasher, no laundry equipment, no lights, no air, no heat, well..this list could go on forever.

I came home yesterday and cleaned out my fridge, threw everything away and packed up most of our clothes, medicine, etc. and took it to my Mom's. Of course today I had to turn around and bring it all back but that's the least of my worries. Wait, I have no worries except for worrying about my neighbors who have big worries. Several of them have moving trucks backed up and they're loading up what they can salvage. I wish I could help them today but I have not slept in two nights and my eyes are half-closed. I just can't seem to relax. Maybe now that I'm at home I will get a better night's sleep.

The road that is one over that took the heaviest hit opened today. There is a brand new neighborhood behind my neighbors across the street. It was a field until about a year ago. The houses are only 6-12 months old, if that. They were all destroyed. That neighborhood is so new, I can't imagine what those people are thinking. After they just went through building a house and moving, now what? It's awful.

I will try to get out and take more pictures tomorrow. We're supposed to go bowling with our home school group but according to my friend, the pic from my first post about the tornado is of the bowling alley! So I don't know if it's even still there. Guess I should call. I think I just need to stay home, get my house clean, do laundry and go to Walmart and buy more condiments.

Just wanted to update you all. Thanks for your support. Stay cool!


jennifer said...

I am so glad you are home! Hopefully life will get back to normal in a few days!

I know what you mean about wanting to help. Mark has spent the day on clean up duty in the area near Sumner Academy. At least one of us can go!

I don't think the bowling alley had any major damage, at least I haven't heard that it has. School has been cancelled for tomorrow so I would call your group before coming. But ya'll are welcome to come over here and hang out!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Tracie, so glad to hear that you are all okay. I had to go back to Friday's post as I had NO IDEA what was going on weather wise in our country- another reason why it's so important to turn on the news from time to time.

anyway, so glad you're all safe. I'll keep your community in our prayers.

Christy B said...

Tracie, where do you live (subdivison)? I have several friends at work that live in Hendersonville. One lady is one of my AA's and houses across the street from her's are flattened. Her house had just some minor shingle damage.

WOW! What a day. I stayed at work till the worst of it had passed. DD's school was on lock down because Joelton is pretty close to Ashland City. I picked her up around 3:45. My boss lives in Gallatin, but received minor roof damage.

Anonymous said...

glad you are okay. I was worried about you on Friday when I heard the warnings in Hendersonville.

McKenzie said...

Whoa! my prayers are going out for your community...I can't even imagine what all that must have been like...thank God your home was spared!!

I have been a reader of your blog for awhile...I am not even sure how I stumbled across it, it may have been 2peas or something...thanks for sharing..I have been encouraged many times from your posts!

God Bless you adn your family!!