Monday, April 03, 2006

'tis the season

I read a comment recently from a fellow scrapbooker about how she scraps in the current season. This gal said that if it's February, for instance, she tries to scrap all her current and past February pictures. Hmmm...this sounds like a plan!

Now I'm not one to get caught up on getting caught up - however - I do think that I am inspired by the change of seasons, holidays and just living in the moment. For instance, right now I'm feeling very Springy and I'm in an Easter mood. The stores are full of Easter items and I'm thinking about Caroline's Easter outfit, how we'll be decorating with our Easter goodies this week, the birds are chirping, everything's green --- well, you get the picture. So I'm challenging myself to scrap all my April pictures that are in my "to be scrapped" pile. I think I have three years worth. Ouch.

Some of my Easter pictures scare me. They're just too good. Some of my favorites ever. All those yummy egg colors and Caroline always looks adorable. I decided to start off with some pics that aren't the best because they didn't intimidate me. Here's a layout I did last night about Caroline's first Easter egg hunt at our church. I wanted to make it more Eastery but none of my embellishments matched this color scheme. Wouldn't ya know it?

Hope you like it!


Jann Gray said...

I love it...I think the fact that the embellishments are Caroline and the eggs themselves are go girl.!

Love ya

Sarah said...

positively adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors! Looks great, Tracie.

jennifer said...

This is very cute!

I agree with you about scrappin' in the season. It does seem that it is easier to scrap something similiar to what you are experiencing at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sound like this is a plan I could stick with!

Love the layout, girlie!