Tuesday, April 04, 2006

why I scrapbook

I have someone in my life who doesn't really "get" scrapbooking. While on the phone with her last week I tried to explain why it means so much to me. After we hung up, I realized that I had just described perfectly "why I scrapbook." I felt the need to write it down so I thought I'd share it with you. Here goes...

Why I Scrapbook

1) I know little to nothing about my childhood.
The pictures are few and my memories are vague. I don’t remember birthday parties, Halloweens and only a few Christmases. I remember a few vacations but I’d love to see pictures of all the places we went. If I had a pictorial journey of my childhood, my life would seem more fulfilled and I would feel so loved to know someone cared enough to record the details. I scrapbook so Caroline will feel love and have a record of her life.

2) The friendships I have made through scrapbooking are worth so much to me.
Sometimes the actual process of scrapbooking is just a by-product of the friendship. It’s really just something to do while I enjoy long conversations, laughter and the love I feel from my friends. The support I get from these women is priceless. We talk about being a Mother, marriage, spiritual things, movies, books and more. If not for scrapbooking, I would not know these women who add so much to my life. I value them so much and the time we spend together. I scrapbook so I can hang out with them.

3) I have finally found something that I’m good at.
I’m not the most talented scrapbooker ever, however, I do have a good sense of design and balance and a natural knack for color. I’ve grown as a scrapper and I’m happy with most of what I do. Taking pictures, planning layouts, looking through idea books, choosing materials and shopping for supplies brings me so much joy! The very best part is the satisfaction I feel when I complete a page. Scrapbooking is such an expression of ME. I scrapbook because it’s something I enjoy and can feel good about. It’s better than therapy!

There's so much more I can say but that's the gist of what I said to her. Sometimes it's good to sum up how I feel so I can appreciate the good in my life.

So why do YOU scrapbook?


Anonymous said...

Your comment about the friendships you make scrapbooking are so true and something I so much agree with. Scrapbooking is an outlet for me and a way to escape from the demands of life. It is so refreshing and energizing to crop with a bunch of ladies, who become friends, that enjoy the same thing you do. It can be a great support group and, like you said, it is better than therapy!! By the way, I have seen your layouts on your blog, on Two Peas, and at ScrapIt!! (I sound like a stalker, but I promise I am not). Anyway, I love your talent. I think you make WONDERFUL pages and each one seems to inspire me in some way!! Thanks for sharing!!

Chelle said...

I scrapbook for many if not all of the reasons you do. But what got me started was when I went to my husband's parents house over a holiday. Greg's Dad pulled out a scrapbook from Greg's grandmother Effie. I never met this woman, but after reading her scrapbook I was SO amazed! I felt like I knew her. Her handwriting was beautiful. In the beginning of the scrapbook, she had a picture of a guy who liked her and she said she "just wanted to be friends" with him. Later in the scrapbook you see that she had married him. That is what got me scrapbooking at least 12 years ago.

Sherri said...

take off number 1 since there are photos from my childhood and I remember a lot, and then add back 2 & 3 and you have my reasons...I want my kids to see that they had a nice childhood even if they don't remember it! ha ha and I want to record things about myself so that my grandchildren, great grands and you get the idea can learn more about who I was/am and see that I was once young and very much like they will be when they get to my scrapbooks.
Oh and to hang out with YOU!

Anonymous said...

Trace ... never forget the little unknown in your life who suggested and pushed you toward this lifestyle! ha! Do you remember? Anyhoo ... I scrapbooked when it wasn't even cool yet and didn't even know there was such a thing! ha! Wasn't as fancy as it is today - but it was my own way of rememberance. Keep up the "happy life"! love ya - tb

Christy B said...

Wow Tracie ..... great explanation. I'm actually a #3 myself. I've always wanted to find something "crafty" that I was good at and I think with scrapbooking, I'm pretty good (at least I feel good when I see a page or album that I've done). My mom has always been crafty and I guess I wanted follow in her footsteps.


Kristy said...

Great post...

I scrapbook because I want to remember all the little moments in my boys lives. Those funny things they say, the silly things they do. I want to remember just how they looked. Every inperfection, every cowlick, everything! I scrap because it gives me "me" time, but I come out with something the whole family can enjoy. It helps me connect in many different ways to family and friends.

Jann Gray said...

Great explanation Tracie:

For me it started out as your second reason...I so desparately wanted some female community -- having moved to Nashville and left behind my dear girlfriends in Dallas. I feel like I am gaining that community back now that I hang out with you and the other girls at Scrap It!

I have also added, that I want to leave a legacy behind -- for those in my family (of the future) who want to know more about me -- what I thought was important -- who was important to me and perhaps share some life lessons with them so they don't have to learn everything the "hard way."

I would add a fourth...which is kind of like your first one. I want the people I loved to have a RECORD of that love. I tell them I love them all the time. But for the same reason I LOVE getting a card for my birthday or Christmas that expresses how someone feels about me (I can take it out and read it again and again) -- the scrapbook page is the same. The person can read what I said and the WAY I said it again and again and when they have doubts they can refer back to it.

Ok...I ramble -- but you asked! *smile* Love you girlfriend...you so challenge me!

Jennifer Stewart said...

This is a beautiful entry, Tracie. Such a good explanation that is filled with emotion. :)


Anonymous said...

i like you tracie. ;)

jennifer said...

I agree with your reasons and those of the others here. I have always loved photography so I felt scrapbooking was a great way to showcase my photos. I think your #1 reason is also very important to me. I would love to know more about my childhood and my parents childhoods. Also, the therapy aspect is big for me. Even if I don't get a page done, the playing time is a boost!