Sunday, May 21, 2006


a. So about the stuff I have for "free" (get it? for free, not for sale? hehe) - I will have it in the trunk of my car when I work Tuesday. If anyone is interested, stop by and I'll pop it for ya and you can take what you want! The bag and the stamps are called.

b. Did anyone watch the finale of Desparate Housewives? Sheesh - I didn't like it. What is up with that wacky Orson guy hitting Mike with his car???? Now Bree's going to have another kook interested in her? She attracts the weirdos! What's that about? I wish they would have had Mike and Susan get engaged. At least one couple could have gone out happy this season. I'm really disappointed about Carlos cheating too. And the whole whiney ex-lover that's going to be in Lynette's life now just irritated me. And what is up with Zack??? He turned like cheap costume jewelry. I thought he loved Paul! I keep wanting him to love Mike and make him his Dad. Oh just didn't do it for me. I don't know if I'll even watch anymore. I'm trying to wean myself off all tv anyway. I'll still watch the Amazing Race no matter what. I love that show!

c. Do you ever feel like your kid's toys take over your entire house? My child leaves her little tiny things everywhere. There are bouncy balls in the office, along with a toy whistle, crayons, a Krispy Kreme hat and a sand pail and shovel. In the den, her little table is always strewn with "craft projects" in the works. The dining room has her art supplies all over it, the living room is currently home to "Elephant" the game and even the kitchen has toys on the counter. I seem to spend my days picking up what she leaves behind. Sorry....just had to vent. I still love her. I just hate her "stuff" sometimes. I know, I know, I'll miss that stuff when she's off in college.

d. For all of you who scrapbook, how do you find the time? I don't lately.

e. I'm still grinning like a dummy over my new camera coming. I looked at my Easter pics today. They're awful. Dreadful. Would it be wrong to fake Easter so I can get better shots?

f. Have you ever tried Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream by Breyers? It's DIVINE! I ate almost the entire carton myself. Can't buy that anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

g. Tomorrow night is the series finale of Alias. I am so sad to see it go. I know I will cry. I have a new friend, Elissa. I saw that her pea name was "Alias Fan" and I e-mailed her to talk about it. We've been talking almost every day since. I guess she and I will just have to reminisce about Alias and buy the DVD's. At least we'll have each other. ha!

h. I read a new Nancy Drew book last night and today I finished watching all 4 dvd's from Andy Griffith, Season 1. Gotta make that birthday stash last!

That's it really. Nothing else.



Chelle said...

a. I'll take a look on Tuesday...not that I need a thing. LOL. Good grief maybe I should bring stuff to put in your trunk.

b. So glad you wrote this. I've missed the last 2 shows and I would have been disappointed too. I'm trying to wean myself off a tv too.

c. ROFLOL!!! Is it my house anymore or is it the kids. There are days when I can not walk anywhere without stepping on a little toy.

d. well I typically only scrapbook at crops. But I was able to do 3 simple layouts at home, while I left all the housework unfinished. What was really cute was Ashley helped me sew on one of the layouts.

e. why not? Fake Easter shots.

f. no- thank goodness I don't need another addiction.

g. Alias- What will I do without it? It's the only show my husband and I watch together. I've got to go look up when it comes on tomorrow. (probably the same time at the Apprentice).

h. Well there is your time you could be scrapbooking. HA!

Jill LaFaye said...

A: I will be there Tuesday to take a look also at the trunk display.

B: Desparate Housewives..I had already stopped watching this show, thought this one would be good..NOT! I too cannot believe Carlos is being a naughty boy. Always a twist to something, huh?

C: Toys..Yes, my house too! I keep the middle floor picked up for unexpected guests, but forget the top and bottom floors. Little Izabelle leaves stuff everywhere. I keep a stairway basket going up to the bedrooms so we can throw stuff in there and take it up when its full.

D: Hmmm. Scrapbooking, I scrapped last night during D.H. at commercials. Maybe you can do it early in the morning before you start class or late at night after C.C. has gone to sleep.

E: New Camera!! I am so excited for ya!!!

F: Haven't tried the S.L. Strawberry Cheesecake. If you like Mint Chocolate will like Kroger brand M.C.C. it is sweetend with Splenda and very good and only $1.88 right now for 1/2 gallon!!!

G: Don't watch Alias.....

H: My reading consists of looking through magazines, that's about it.

Hope you have a great day!! Caroline is almost done with homeschool..Izabelle is just about done here as well.

Christy B said...

a: Sorry, can't come by Tuesay - work and DD has dance class.

b: I don't watch, sorry. (see d)

c: Between DD's toys and the dogs toys in my floors, I'm always bending down picking things off the floor! Hate it!!!!!

d: I don't watch TV. The time I watch is during cooking supper and eating supper. I scrapbook instead of watching TV.

e:Yea, new camera. I love that model.... one day I'll have one too!!

f: Nope, try not to buy ice cream anymore.

g: I love Alias, but see d ... just don't watch it.

h: I can't read and scrapbook. Its one or the other for me. I'll start reading more during the summer while I layout at the pool.

See ya!

staceykingman said...

a. wish I could look...
b. never ever seen it!
c. kid stuff, you'll miss it. really.
d. I haven't scrapped in 4 days!
e.faking Easter would be very wrong, BUT you could fake Easter a nd CALL IT "Faking Easter" - that would be okay...
f. Yep, I'd stay away from that stuff.
g. I must really be missing out...
h. Nancy Drew, Andy Griffith, what a weekend!

annie said...

Too funny!
A trunk sale!
And that HG tote.
I remember you lovingly threatened my life if I didn't order them!
See you tomorrow after field day.

kellicrowe said...

1. you crack me up
2. desperate housewives - yes weird
i can't bielive carlos cheated
the whole getting hit by a car...that looked kinda fatal...didn't it?
3. yippee about your new camera