Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a delightful day

My friend, Hollye, posted on her blog about the downtown library's story-time. I have always wanted to take Caroline to the downtown library - it's just one of those things I kept putting off. We made a date to go today and although Hollye had to cancel, we set off for the library.

Boy am I glad we did!! It is delightful! It shocked me when I walked in because I had no idea it was that large and beautiful. We walked all the floors (3), enjoying the architecture and scoping out what each room held. There is a wonderful room devoted to the story of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights. I'll post about that another day. Our favorite part was the children's area on the 2nd floor. Pictured above is the entrance to the children's theater.

At 11:30, we went in the theater for Story-time. The "Professor" drew a picture of the character in the book while he sang a song that made me cry. I was amazed at his drawing abilities - it looked exactly like the book cover!! There was juggling, puppets, a wonderful story by Rosemary Wells, singing and fun. I met some nice parents and we just had a lovely time! After that, Caroline looked through the books and sat on the little couch and chairs, reading to herself. It makes my heart glad to see her reading so well. She loves it.

After that, we got online on their super speedy connection and watched a Mister Rogers video about how they make sneakers. Too cool. We both love Mister Rogers.

When we left the library, we ate lunch at our favorite Mexican place, Baha Fresh. Yum! Then we sang praise and worship songs at the top of our lungs all the way home. Now we're chillin' out, waiting for it to be time to go to church.

It's been a great day! Hope yours was as well.



doris said...

wow . . . that IS a fabulous library . . . and sounds like a fun one too. :D

Hollye said...

I am so bummed that I missed it since you guys had such a great time. I am pretty certain that Miss K has an ear infection, so we will be making a visit to Dr. Hottie tomorrow. She was Princess Grumpy all day. We will have to plan to go again soon. Maybe to one of the Friday Marrionette shows that they have. The Professor and Mary Mary are two of my favorite people...Miss K's too. They are both so wonderful with all the kids.

Christy B said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I go to the library every once in a while, its so very pretty!!! And Baha Fresh, yummy!!!


Mrs Pretzel said...

Your story time made me hungry for the library.... Very neato. Love the picture YOU drew with your story.....

Chelle said...

I just love the downtown library. We use to go often, but now I have such a hard time with them by myself there. They all like to play on the computers and I found out last time that they all need to have their own library card to play on the computer. It was too much of a big deal at the moment to sign them up, just so they could have access. Then they all need help navigating. And I just couldn't be 3 places at once. So I think I'll wait a little bit longer before we go back.

Just a little tidbit: Greg (dh) used to work at the downtown library before they moved to that gorgeous building. We know Brian (the professor). He is amazing.

annie said...

Sounds like a fun "field trip" in the fall.
I find myself thinking of all those homeschooling things now!
Jonathan loved going to the library at school and I would love to continue that as part of his education.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a super-duper library you guys have!

It took me a few years to realize that Emma and I could go to story time at ours, and now she LOVES it.


Anonymous said...

your daughter is so lucky to have a mom that is so involved, dedicated and committed to sharing and experiencing so many things together. She will truly appreciate it when she gets older and eventually will do the same with children of her own. Lord knows more children need moms like you in the world! ;) Have a great weekend!