Saturday, May 20, 2006

free scrapbook supplies

Okay I'm headed to Goodwill with a bunch of scrap stuff from my now-cleaned-out closet when I realize, "maybe some of my friends want this stuff!" So before I take it, here's a list. If anyone local wants any of this, I'll hook up with you and give it to ya. Just say the word. I'd love to know someone's getting some use out of it...

- a Heidi Grace messenger style tote, like new
- 3 apple green photo boxes
- 2 black and clear 1" 3-ring binders
- several watchmaker tins
- small black file box
- alphabet stamps from Hobby Lobby (never used)
- variety of punches and small stamps
- a small light box
- two 12x12 albums that aren't standard sizes that I haven't tried to find page protectors for but you probably could at my store since we have so many size, one is travel themed and one is green with little roses on it, I got both at Tuesday Morning
- a creative memories seat cushion
- 8.5x11 clear accordian file
- bead tray with spout
- variety of totes: got fibers? got punches?
- silver pencil cup from Target with label holder
- tan linen ribbon board
- various templates

- vintage dish towel featuring the recipe for an Irish drink (I started collecting vintage dish towels but didn't follow-thru with it, LOL)
- vintage wedding wrapping paper
- a used Making Memories eyelet setting mat (the black small one)


Jann Gray said... know me and stamps....are there any that need to appear on my pages?!?!?

Have I mentioned how proud I am of you for getting your closet done? You have inspired me to work on one next weekend when I get back from Chicago.

Chelle said...

Dana wants the Heidi Swapp tote if it is still available.

Tammy Batson said...

Tracy ... girlfriend ... you could make a couple of nice "basket of goodies" to give as gifts throughout the year ... or even to someone at church ... maybe someone who is sick and under the weather and would enjoy "something to do" ... just a thought ...

TracieClaiborne said...

Okay - Dana gets the tote!

Tammy - I'd rather just get it out of my way now. Nice thought though! I'm in a cleaning out mode. LOL

TracieClaiborne said...

Jann - I'll save the stamps for you!

Amanda said...

So now that you have cleaned out your scrap area...could you come help me clean out mine? I have 2 exacto knives (at least 2) and I can never find them. I am not the most organized person in the world, but I am getting ready to go through stuff and majorily purge!

Renee said...

UGH!!!! And to think FREE scrapbooking stuff was available and I was stuck in the backseat with P and J on a TEN HOUR drive back home to TN. I did a drive thru the lot at Scrap It and had a vibe to stop, but was just ready to get outta the truck. Anything left?