Thursday, May 25, 2006


Wow - it's been since Monday that I've blogged? Who knew? I've really been productive this week and I can't get online AND be productive. It's one or the other. Sometimes I even think about only getting online one day a week. That thought scares me but it would be good for my life. Sitting on my butt is not being productive.

Let's see, what have I been doing? Tuesday I worked. Jenni Bowlin had a vintage photo decor class where they made picture frames out of old books and a little bottle of sand with rub-ons on it. Only Jenni could think of that! Gorgeous!

Wednesday I washed all the linens in the house, blankets, sheets, bedspreads and cleaned the bathrooms. Joy, joy. Then we went to church and it was wonderful!! I love our Pastor. I even got to tell him how much I enjoyed his teaching that night. He talked about how we can never out-give God. We come to him with so much less than we get out of our relationship. I got to thinking in church about all God has blessed me with and I cried and cried! I've been thinking about doing a layout called "Super Blessed and Highly Favored of the Lord" and he kept saying that over and over. So I think I will...

Thursday (today), we celebrated the end of our school year with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Caroline kept saying, "this is the best day ever and you're the best Mommy ever." She says that any time she's doing something fun. I'm glad she's thankful. We stopped by Books A Million and met a homeschooling mom with 6-year old triplets. Caroline and the girls played on the Thomas train for a LONG time. I talked to the Mom about homeschooling and then another homeschooling Mom that I know came up and we all talked about homeschooling! It's like a sisterhood when you're a homeschooling Mom. I love it!

Mike bought my compact flash card for my camera today so when he got home, I spent some time taking practice shots and reading the manual. My brain is fried!! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow. If it doesn't rain, we're going out to the lake.

I guess that's it. I watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight. Hilarious. I dance better than some of the people and that's saying a lot!! One girl's boobies came clean out of her shirt and they had to put a big sign over it on the screen!!! Ick!

Now my family's asleep and it's almost 11 pm so I think I will go downstairs and make some cards I've been putting off. Then tomorrow I plan to scrap all day after we take pics.

So now you're caught up with me - how you been doing? I want to know!


Hollye said...

I still wanna see pictures! I am working on getting mine. I've just got to convince Brian to buy it NOW!!!

Michelle Woods said...

Get some pictures posted girl! I wish I had time to scrap. Why am I so busy? I need to get off the computer too. I really wanted to come by Scrap It and visit Tuesday but was never able to make it. It has been forever.

Christy B said...

Can't wait to see your pictures! You'll love your camera and all the great shots you can get!!! Great seeing you Tuesday! :-)

I watched So you think you can Dance last night too, well, we watched about an hour of it and that was all I could take!!

doris said...

can't wait to see some photos from the new camera! :D

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing you the other day. Would enjoy seeing some of your "new camera" photos. The Bryan Peterson book that I bought is sooooo... good. Will be watching for those great photos. Have a great weekend. Oh, you can find me on 2 peas under Denise Marie.

Chelle said...

Do you remember the lady's name with the 6 year old triplet girls? Being a HOM parent is like being in a sisterhood too.

I can't wait to see some gorgeous pictures from you. Post away...I'm looking. :)