Thursday, May 04, 2006

I ain't missin' you at all...

Remember that 80's song? By John Waite? I just saw an infommercial for 80's Gold featuring 138 songs from the 80's! Can someone loan me 4 payments of $29.99 + $11.99 shipping and handling?

Boy do those songs bring back memories. Back when I didn't realize that the Georges were gay. You know....Boy George and George Michael. Back when all I cared about was having a cute outfit, big hair and perfect makeup. I was always in pursuit of some guy. Mainly ones who didn't care anything about me. Yep. Those were the types I went for. Not on purpose, mind you. It just always worked out that way. They had to be cute and unattainable. When I think back on it now, I actually want to like, gag myself with a spoon. Of course my role models were Ferris Bueller and Daisy, Kat and JoJo from Mystic Pizza so go figure.

I still love 80's music. Some of my favorites are Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You - anything by Rick Astley or Mr. Mister and songs from movies of that era like Dirty Dancing and Pretty In Pink. My best friend, Kendra, and I used to park at Quincy's steakhouse in Hendersonville and dance to the car radio. Boy, did we look dumb - rocking out in neon colors with leg warmers on and our hair pulled back in a banana clip. Our parents wouldn't let us listen to loud music or rock music period. So we had to take it to the streets. Ahh....good times. heehee

So what's your favorite 80's tune and/or movie? Give me a call....the number's 867-5309.


jennifer said...

Well, this just cracked me up! I was a serious Duran Duran fan so anything by them is a fav. I think I watched The Breakfast Club 427 times, at least.

When I think about 80's fashion, I think, white jazz shoes. I had a countless number of pairs of those over the decade. I also went through the preppy look.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! We need to scrap this!

Sherri said...

Okay that was if your number is 867-5309, does that make you Jenny?

Jill LaFaye said...

Girl you were up LATE!!

I was a MADONNA fan! I still enjoy listening to her old stuff..she is getting too weird.

Sarah said...

We really must be close in age, Tracie. It's funny how well I can remember the music of the 80' it was so deeply important to me that I still remember it. I have fond memories of roller skating to "Lady in Red" wearing Guess jeans and a red Coca Cola sweatshirt.

Keds tennis shoes were h-u-g-e and it was all about how white you could keep them. Even now, I still have to fight the urge to buy several pairs at once now that I can afford it. Sad huh.

Did you ever do the big hair bow thing? I had big hair and big hair bows to match. (Ick.)

I think I was 30 before I knew the Georges were gay.

Chelle said...

LOL! I had an 80's party a few years ago and in the invitation I put the number 867-5309. Someone actually called it. Then they told us we needed to hear this weird answering machine. So when my friends were over we called the number. A woman answered and totally freaked us out. Here we were adults and it ended up being a prank call. She called us back and said all kinds of awful things to me. Scared the begebees out of me.

Christy B said...

How funny! I so remember leg warmers, big hair and the skating rink, break dancers and air bands!!! How funny! The 80's for me was middle and high school (graduated in '89). I also chased unattainable boys (hope my daughter doesn't make the same mistakes I made) and always wanted the ones that wouldn't give me the time of day!!!

Was at ScrapIt! yesterday... love the 3Bugs in a Rug paper and the Heidi Grace papers!


Chelle said...

Hey did you happen to tape Alias on Wednesday? I missed it. UGH!

Jann Gray said...

Hair products rocked.

I was SOOOOO into Abba (even today I have to put the Abba Gold CD in on occasion to get the house clean). Bread was another favorite. Dan Fogleburg (souvenirs -- favorite all time album--yes ALBUM), and anything by the Eagles or Chicago. ahhhhhhhh yes those were the days.

My hair is happy those days are gone.

Renee said...

Do you remember Life in a Northern Town..."Oh hey up uup do wayyyyyaaaaaa". Loved Cyndi Lauper too. A-Ha was the first cassette I ever bought. This was early 80's-the best music was the late 80's. Can any one say Jump Jump! Or how about You Gotta Fight! For Your Right....too PARTY! Let's face it. When it comes to cool music...Can't Touch This!

Dana said...

Too about a little Tom Cruise in Top Gun? I used to run (yes, I actually used to be athletic - hard to believe these days - ha!) to the theme song. It got me pumped up every time. Still does! Then I went through the late 80's Bon Jovi phase. Funny thing is, I am still all about the Bon. Oh, Baby! He still rocks my world. I just wish I had kept the t-shirts from the concerts :)
By the way, does anyone remember the big shoulder pads, the *really* dropped sleeves ( I think that is what they were called - the shoulder seam was practically at your elbow)and the bandanna tied around your jeans just under the knee? That went well with an Izod polo with the collar standing straight up (by the way, this phase was after the barrettes with long ribbons and feathers hanging down and before the bangs that we plastered sky high with a bottle of hairspray). I used to carry hairspray around with me and I would "fix" my hair all day. These days I am lucky if I get to brush it after the shower. Who am I kidding... I am lucky if I get a shower!

Heather said...

i loved banana clips!!! my hair looked so awesome when i wore one. LOL. talk about a trip down memory lane. i graduated in 89 so i remember all this stuff. gotta get some CD's of the 80's greatest hits. that would be great house cleaning music.